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11 April 2017

LIVE: Follow the #HopeSprings Bear Rescue

Animals Asia's rescue team are in in Gia Lai province Vietnam to rescue two moon bears and close a bile farm. Follow them live here.


11 April 2017

BREAKING NEWS: Two moon bears being rescued right now in Vietnam

Animals Asia is in Vietnam’s Gia Lai province to free two long-suffering moon bears after years of abuse on bear bile farms.


07 April 2017

China reacts with fury to cruel animal marketing gimmick

A Chinese alcohol retailer was hoping a cruel stunt would bring in new customers – instead the marketing fail saw them condemned by millions.


05 April 2017

WRONG: Monkey Island – Vietnam’s horror flop that must end

Vietnam’s scenery may be the star of blockbuster Kong: Skull Island, but the country’s real-life Monkey Island hosts the saddest show on earth.


31 March 2017

Eight ways cruel circus life is killing dolphins in Indonesia

For dolphins poached from the wild for Indonesia’s travelling circuses, life is stressful, barren and short – this is how they die for our entertainment.


30 March 2017

Saving, protecting and respecting dogs – a rural revolution near Hanoi

The delight of this dog’s family after he survived a life-threatening disease shows how efforts to instil animal respect works – to the benefit of all.


29 March 2017

This moon bear has such a magnetic personality he’s making his own gang!

After life alone on a bile farm, moon bear Cinta is now one of the friendliest bears ever rescued, and even the crankiest bears want to join his club.


28 March 2017

Broken arm, ruptured tendon but Jill is determined her abseil for animals will go on

Despite two serious injuries, Animals Asia’s founder Jill Robinson is adamant she will still jump off the UK’s highest tower to raise vital funds.