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09 March 2016

For 18 years we’ve made a commitment to hundreds of bears - can you make a commitment to one?

Every letter typed on this keyboard, every second it takes to tell the story of individual bears is a second too long for these majestic animals who are in agony on the farms.


08 March 2016

The tragic polar bear that suffers for selfies

Trapped in the middle of a shopping centre in China - his white fur contrasting against the unnaturally blue display he is an unwilling part of - this sad polar bear has no escape.


07 March 2016

Xuan Xuan’s spring fun shows her torment is behind her

Rescued from a bile farm in a very sick state - vets feared the worst and a Chinese superstar made a dash to be at her bedside - now fit and healthy Xuan Xuan is a very happy bear.


04 March 2016

SPECIAL REPORT: How theft of a blind man’s dog is helping China see its dog theft problem

When a seeing dog was stolen from a blind man in China it made international headlines but millions more - stolen each year by the dog meat trade - are less high profile.


29 February 2016

These rescued bear cubs lost mothers – but found a family

When Goldie and Murphy were rescued last year, each had come from an unbelievably traumatic experience – the loss of their mothers.


26 February 2016

Animals Asia pig slaughter campaign ends buffalo stabbing festival

A campaign to end a pig slaughter festival in Vietnam has prompted so much debate that Dak Lak province has ended its own cruel festival.


25 February 2016

“She’d come to think the pain from her rotten teeth was normal”

For bears rescued from bile farms – extensive vet care is usually required for their poor damaged teeth.


23 February 2016

The rise of the captive wild animal entertainment industry in Vietnam

Reports suggest all is not well at the new safari park on Vietnam’s Phu Quoc – Animals Asia Animal Welfare Director Dave Neale looks at what may have gone wrong and how Vietnam needs to start to put animal care before commerce.