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26 December 2015

Downton finale signals end but cast legacy of fighting bear bile farming endures

The series’ finale of hit show Downton Abbey aired last night – marking the final goodbye of a show which moved millions around the world. But while the series may be ending, the legacy of the cast’s fight against bear bile farming will endure.


22 December 2015

10 tips for a cruelty-free Christmas

We sent out an “all staff” Animals Asia email – “What are your tips for a cruelty-free Christmas?” – and surveyed last year’s tips to compile a list that will satisfy your stomach and heart.


21 December 2015

From bile farm to paradise – another Halong Bay bear goes outside

A bear from Animals Asia’s biggest rescue of 2015 has just passed his quarantine period and is enjoying what he’s deserved all his life – the outdoors, and lots and lots of sunshine.


18 December 2015

Rescued from bile farms – every day is special for these ageing bears

Like any community, Animals Asia’s bear sanctuaries have elders – bears getting on in years, who need a little bit more care and consideration but are well-respected amongst their peers.


17 December 2015

Sarah’s sadness as bears’ best friend bids farewell to the fold

A British animal expert who has overseen the feeding, watering and care of more than 150 bears has shared her most memorable moments as she bids farewell to Animals Asia’s Vietnam sanctuary.


16 December 2015

When this bear was in pain – how a Chinese hospital helped will amaze you

When a bear at Animals Asia’s China sanctuary was suffering from a nagging and mysterious health condition, Animals Asia called in a favour – at the local human hospital.


15 December 2015

One more province bile-free, but more to go – the Vietnamese press recognises Animals Asia’s Quang Ninh efforts

After the Quang Ninh rescues – Animals Asia’s landmark 2015 campaign, which saw bile farming stopped in its most notorious province – Vietnam is imagining a bile farm-free future.


11 December 2015

BREAKING: YOU have put Danang dolphin park project in doubt - now WE must ALL keep up the pressure

Word has reached Animals Asia’s Vietnam office that plans for a dolphinarium in Danang, Vietnam - have been been put on hold following our campaign which saw city leaders deluged by objections.