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22 February 2016

Rescued from the bile industry - find out how Nelson's life is "enriched"

What’s this? Is Nelson lording it over his sanctuary mates and having a tantrum - effectively throwing his toys out the pram?


18 February 2016

Animals Asia’s message gets a “lift” - reaching 150m Chinese people in 80 cities

For 150 million Chinese waiting for a lift will no longer be wasted seconds - instead they’ll be played a quick animal welfare message.


17 February 2016

Hanoi Zoo closes its animal circus - join Animals Asia in saying THANK YOU

Hanoi Zoo’s animal circus has quietly closed following years of collaborative animal welfare programmes with Animals Asia. Today we say “thank you” and ask you to take a moment to do the same.


16 February 2016

Pig slaughter festival goes ahead in Vietnam amid increased outcry

Two pigs were slaughtered at the Nem Thuong Festival after being cruelly tied down and paraded through the town - the only concession to the public outcry being a private execution.


15 February 2016

He rubbed his face away on the bars that caged him - now this bear is smiling in the sun

Quantock must have thought he’d die in that cage - but one day a taste of honey was the first hint his hell would soon be over.


11 February 2016

Blackfish is winning the battle in the west – now there’s a new war in Asia

It’s worth remembering that money is behind most animal cruelty – it’s business and business is always looking for new markets.


05 February 2016

Rescued alongside Simon who died – now moon bear Sam is living for two

When Sam and Simon were rescued from a tiny, dark room and even tinier cages on Ba Mun Island in Vietnam’s Halong Bay, they were both in bad shape.