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13 October 2016

When her carers saw her sit in her water bowl — they got the message

Moon bear Bao Lam was rescued from a circus where her 11 friends died — soon she’ll step outside for the first time in years, but first — her own pool.


12 October 2016

Teachers, doctors, friends — not food

How heroes are taking dogs into China's classrooms and orphanages to prove that dogs truly are man's best friends.


10 October 2016

#MoonBearMonday: new toy lets bears be bears

Some wood, a bit of bamboo and an old fire hose — it’s amazing what you can use to help bears be bears.


07 October 2016

These children love dogs so much they spent months making this gift

Primary school students Gao Gao, Chuan Chuan and Xiao Qian, were so moved by Animals Asia’s Dr Dog programme they put everything they had into saying thank you.


06 October 2016

Training a new generation of heroes to help Vietnam’s animals

Wildlife trafficking remains an acute issue in Vietnam with the country having become a hub for the wildlife trade in recent years.


05 October 2016

Watch: sun bear Murphy’s first year — they grow up so fast!

Murphy was the youngest cub Animals Asia had ever rescued — a year on, look at him go.


04 October 2016

RESCUE UPDATE: Rescued sun bear receives pain-relieving surgery after years in captivity

Sun bear Kaffe, who was rescued from Vietnam’s Dak Lak province earlier this month by Animals Asia, has received his first ever health check to end years of pain.


03 October 2016

Jigsaw is head over heels in love with leaves

So many delicious leaves to munch through — it’s all too much for rescued moon bear Jigsaw who is head over heels happy.