26 November 2015

Bear who won hearts during live rescue set for eye operation

A balding moon bear called Kay, who had been imprisoned for years in a tiny cage in Vietnam – while suffering painful bile extractions – is set for an eye operation.


25 November 2015

Beautiful Animals Asia gifts for animal lovers

Wondering what to buy the animal lover in your life? You need to see the new Animals Asia range.


24 November 2015

If it looks like animal cruelty, don’t let people tell you it's conservation

Circuses and marine parks have both tried to excuse their abuses by citing conservation. But in reality it is what it looks like – animal cruelty.


23 November 2015

An apple a day keeps bile farm nightmares away for rescued Amara

When Amara first came to Animals Asia’s Vietnam sanctuary in 2011, she wouldn’t eat all of her food.


20 November 2015

These prisoners have an amazing love for animals – the way they respond to the plight of the moon bears made our day

Over her 22 years of bear campaigning, Animals Asia founder Jill Robinson has taken the crusade against the bear bile trade to almost every corner of the world.


19 November 2015

Typhoons and chemical explosions – nothing stopped our Cat and Dog Team in 2015

When a typhoon hit China – forcing the evacuation of 513,900 people – the dogs of the Fu Zhou Small Animal Protection Centre were almost lost in the confusion.


18 November 2015

Petition launched as 199 NGOs join Animals Asia to oppose Vietnam dolphin plan

Animals Asia has been joined by 199 animal charities as a petition is launched against plans to build a dolphinarium in Danang, Vietnam.


17 November 2015

Miracle gifts for #MoonBearHeroes this Christmas

We are so excited by the new range of Animals Asia merchandising that’s now available ahead of Christmas.