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28 January 2016

This Chinese mall has become a prison for animals

Two polar-brown bear hybrids, six young beluga whales and five walrus calves are among the animals housed in horrifying conditions in a Chinese mall in Guangzhou.


27 January 2016

When temperatures hit -10˚C, Animals Asia stepped in to help 900 dogs

It was going to be a potentially deadly winter for the 900 dogs at the Taishan dog shelter in China – until Animals Asia’s Cat and Dog Welfare Team stepped in.


26 January 2016

The animal cruelty that Vietnam doesn’t want – but can’t stop

It’s the cruelty that Vietnam doesn’t want – and yet plans continue to include the slaughter of pigs in northern Vietnam’s Nem Thuong Festival in February.


25 January 2016

Freed from her metal “torture vest” – this brown bear has learned to stand tall

When Caesar was rescued from a Chinese bile farm in 2004, it was after years of being kept in the cruelest conditions possible – imprisoned in a metal jacket.


22 January 2016

The most experienced bear vet nurse in the world

Animals Asia Senior Vet Nurse Wendy Leadbeater is approaching an important milestone – 10 years with Animals Asia, and a rightful claim as “the most experienced bear vet nurse in the world”.


19 January 2016

Animals Asia challenges China to try “Meatless Mondays”

The animal welfare charity is helping to promote the international Meatless Monday initiative within China through local social media platforms, and is already receiving a fantastic response.


18 January 2016

After three years apart – Pinetree and Peanut are still made for each other

When elder bear Pinetree left young Peanut’s side, neither knew they would be separated for nearly three years – due to years of health problems for Pinetree.


15 January 2016

The first sun bear rescued by Animals Asia in Vietnam passes away

Arkte, the first sun bear rescued by Animals Asia in Vietnam, has passed away at the Vietnam sanctuary.