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24 May 2016

China’s Yulin dog meat festival - what we know

How many dogs are killed? Where do they come from? Is it true dogs are tortured first? Our Cat and Dog Welfare team in China provides the answers.


23 May 2016

Carefree bear Angus is king of the KONGs

KONGs are better known as dog toys but they’ll even stand up to the teeth and claws of a moon bear.


20 May 2016

Animals Asia launches campaign to end Chinese dog meat eating festival

We must end this festival and we must end all dog eating in China – that’s the message from Animal Asia as it launches its campaign against Yulin Dog Meat Festival 2016.


19 May 2016

SPECIAL REPORT: Animals Asia visits Yulin ahead of its annual dog meat festival

Ahead of its infamous dog meat-eating festival on June 21 - Animals Asia staff visit Yulin to see the city before it comes under the international spotlight again.


18 May 2016

How traumatised bear Kay has learned to trust again

Kay was one of the most damaged bears that Animals Asia rescued in 2015 – but with the help of the Trust Technique, she is learning how to be a bear again.


16 May 2016

See brown bear Caesar shake off a sad past of unimaginable cruelty

Filmed this week at our China sanctuary - this super slowmo footage of brown bear Caesar captures her shaking herself dry after a leisurely dip... but her previous life was far from idyllic.


13 May 2016

Vietnam told - take a lead and retire your elephants

No elephant festivals, no tourist rides. Animals Asia says Vietnam should take a lead in Asia and let its elephants live in peace instead of being used for work and entertainment.


12 May 2016

Three years after their rescue - these incredible bears are reaching new heights

It took a 900km round trip on treacherous Vietnamese roads to pick up two tiny cubs confiscated from traffickers - three years on, they’re both high climbers.