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11 February 2016

Blackfish is winning the battle in the west – now there’s a new war in Asia

It’s worth remembering that money is behind most animal cruelty – it’s business and business is always looking for new markets.


05 February 2016

Rescued alongside Simon who died – now moon bear Sam is living for two

When Sam and Simon were rescued from a tiny, dark room and even tinier cages on Ba Mun Island in Vietnam’s Halong Bay, they were both in bad shape.


03 February 2016

Let’s reclaim the “Year of the Monkey” for the monkeys

The Year of the Monkey may be dawning in Asia but so long as animal performance continues to be accepted - it could be a torrid year for captive primates.


02 February 2016

Wildlife draft amendment is a misstep for China but changes little

“The fact that within China there has been a sustained reaction from animal welfare groups to this news gives us hope - even amongst the concern that this legislation generates."


01 February 2016

Rescued from bile farms – now their only concern is who’s next on the swing (PICS)

There are two swings – but Yin Yang is pretty sure he wants Olly’s swing.


29 January 2016

Five ways to survive winter – like a moon bear!

imals Asia has rescued nearly 600 bears from the bear bile industry and as they recover from their ordeal, their seasonal instincts return.


28 January 2016

This Chinese mall has become a prison for animals

Two polar-brown bear hybrids, six young beluga whales and five walrus calves are among the animals housed in horrifying conditions in a Chinese mall in Guangzhou.