21 September 2015

There’s a trick to getting fed at snack time, but Olly isn’t telling

It’s #MoonBearMonday again, and Olly is up to his old tricks.


18 September 2015

Animals Asia's “Next Chapter” appeal hits $300,000 target

That’s the message from Animals Asia's founder and CEO Jill Robinson today as it was announced that our “Next Chapter” fundraising appeal has hit its US$300,000 target.


17 September 2015

Their job is to make 378 rescued bears happy – here’s how they do it

Having survived hellish bile farms, rescued bears need protection and care – and our bear sanctuaries are set up to offer them just that.


16 September 2015

Should animals ever work for us?

In the second instalment of a six-part series, Animals Asia's Animal Welfare Director Dave Neale discusses how we draw the line on the use of animals.


15 September 2015

Vietnam’s youth put importance of animal protection ahead of freedom of speech and the environment

A report into the opinions and habits of Vietnam’s 13-21 year olds has revealed they care more deeply about animals than freedom of speech and the environment.


14 September 2015

Trafficked as a cub – you won't believe how happy Ricky is now in the sunshine

Our Vietnam sanctuary may be in the tropics but winter is still coming, and Ricky's determined to soak up all the remaining sun between then and now.


11 September 2015

Chapter 4 – the one where the first bear arrived

When Animals Asia established its first bear rescue centre in China in the year 2000, it's hard to imagine the nervousness of founder Jill Robinson and her team. Because only bears can show you if a bear sanctuary is fit for purpose.


10 September 2015

Why this Chinese mall is refusing to use animals to sell

Animals in adverts and even in stores have become increasingly prevalent in China as outlets opt to use our furry friends as a sales gimmick. However, one Chinese mall is determined to buck the trend – agreeing that animals should be in the wild, not in TV studios or shops.