09 October 2015

Animals Asia’s growing influence in China recognised

Animal welfare charity Animals Asia’s growing influence within China has been recognised by accolades – suggesting its anti-animal cruelty message is being heard.


08 October 2015

The Bear in the Picture: Franzi

“When I first saw Franzi, she was in the smallest cage I’d ever seen.” That was from Animals Asia founder Jill Robinson’s recollection of Franzi’s rescue. Along with 18 other moon bears, Franzi was saved from the bear bile trade in late 2002 and taken to Animals Asia’s China sanctuary.


07 October 2015

“As the vet I have to keep it together – but inside my heart is breaking”

The new senior vet at Animals Asia’s Vietnam sanctuary hit the ground running – playing a key role in the rescue of seven bears in her first week.


06 October 2015

If you campaign against the dog meat trade – should you also campaign against chicken, pork and beef industries?

In the fourth segment of a six-part series, Animal Welfare Director Dave Neale looks at why the Asian dog meat trade attracts so much outrage in the rest of the world, and how the debate around the campaign to end it can benefit all animals.


05 October 2015

Sharing was fine, until it came to the thing Mausi really wanted

Mausi and Marmite are two of the most senior bears at Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre, so they’ve had plenty of time to work up a grudge.


02 October 2015

Rescued from the bile trade – six cubs growing up safely with Animals Asia

It’s impossible not to love bear cubs – these beautiful creatures have been doted on by rescuers, carers and Animals Asia supporters from around the world.


01 October 2015

These people are right to be proud of their dogs - what they do is amazing

For 24 years, Animals Asia’s Dr Dog programme has been helping some of Hong Kong’s most vulnerable communities. The disabled, the sick and the elderly have all benefited from visits from incredible therapy animals, but behind every tail-wagging dog is a dedicated volunteer.


30 September 2015

Is there still a place for zoos?

In the third instalment of a six-part series, Animals Asia Animal Welfare Director Dave Neale discusses whether there is still a place for zoos in the modern world.