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16 March 2017

Cuddles in the sun show rescued bear finally has the family he’s always wanted

Snatched as a cub, this rescued sun bear had trouble making friends but now his new bear family can’t imagine life without him.


15 March 2017

Dolphins suffer out of water next to performing bears – end this cruel flying circus now

Startling new footage from Indonesia’s travelling circuses reveals dolphins out of water next to performing BEARS, risking damage to both animals.


14 March 2017

Chinese cat finally finds her forever home after the longest wait

She’s had to wait so long but this scrappy stray who lived wild in a Beijing park has found a kind family to love and care for her.


13 March 2017

How ice melting in Canada helped a rescued moon bear in China called Dick

When an ice block fell off a pole in freezing Canada, vital sponsorship was secured for an amazing bear rescued from a Chinese bile farm. Here’s how it happened.


10 March 2017

VIDEO: Tigers defy circus cruelty to show empathy for suffering friend

With their friend at risk of drowning, this incredible footage shows white tigers breaking from circus cruelty to show their concern.


09 March 2017

If Asia is to improve animal welfare the west cannot go backwards

Efforts to encourage Asia to improve animal welfare are being undermined by a reversal in progress in the United States.


08 March 2017

Animal lovers demand TV blackout for cruel Indonesian dolphin circuses

Animals Asia’s Indonesian partners met with the broadcasting commission to ensure the cruel exploitation of wildlife is not shown on air.


07 March 2017

Opposition voiced within China to new orca breeding programme

A Chinese ocean park’s new orca breeding programme has been criticised by animal welfare groups in China concerned about the welfare and safety of animals and trainers.