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30 November 2016

VIDEO: These four sun bear orphans finally have the family they’ve always wanted

Each one saw their mother killed by poachers. All were rescued individually from traffickers. Now these sun bears have the chance to be each other’s family.


29 November 2016

Rescued sun bear can now see his future freedom, fun and friends

He was caged and alone for nine years in a tiny cage – now Kaffe is recovering in a den with a view of his future play space and friends.


28 November 2016

Sun bear was devastated when best friend died but now she’s fighting back

Sun bear Lamma was lost when best pal Arkte passed away, but with both having been rescued from bile farms – she’s keen to make the most of her freedom.


25 November 2016

Report: Vietnam’s bile farm cruelty also threatens wild bears’ survival

While Vietnam’s caged bile farm bears suffer – their plight also means wild bears are still at risk.


24 November 2016

Orphaned elephant loves his new sandpit and swimming pool

Baby elephant Gold was found trapped in a well earlier this year and his future looked bleak, but now he is living the life he deserves.


23 November 2016

Another animal sacrifice festival BANNED in Vietnam

A buffalo stabbing festival in Vietnam has been banned by local authorities following a long-term Animals Asia campaign against ritual slaughter.


22 November 2016

Chinese social media reacts with fury to animal cruelty video

Leaked footage of a young moon bear roughly treated at a circus has disgusted China’s enormous online community.


21 November 2016

Rescued bear spared a cage spends days rolling in leaves like no-one is watching

Gorgeous Wang Cai is famous for climbing trees, but now he’s found a new way to get his fix of fresh tasty leaves.