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01 April 2016

Your chance to spend five days in China caring for bears rescued from bile farms

Live with the team, care for the bears - prepare their food, put out their meals, make their toys and yes...clean up after them. It’s a true bear care experience.


01 April 2016

20 rescued bear vines to make you laugh on April Fool’s Day

Rescued from the bile trade - bears soon learn how to have fun at our sanctuaries.


31 March 2016

How China has standardised animal testing to western cruelty levels

China is set to adopt stricter welfare standards for animals used in experiments. Animals Asia Animal Welfare Director Dave Neale challenges China to be better than the west.


30 March 2016

Disabled bears go from bile farm cages to playing in the sun

One bear has a missing paw, the other is blind - both have been rescued from the bear bile industry. See them play together in the open air at Animals Asia’s China sanctuary.


25 March 2016

Sanctuary life captured in this classic shot of four rescued bear pals

Taken at Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre – these four bear friends appear to have something very serious to discuss.


23 March 2016

SPECIAL REPORT: Almost 9 million Chinese back bill to end cat and dog meat eating

How a proposed law to end cat and dog meat eating has been backed by millions of Chinese tired of the cruelty and criminality of the trade.


21 March 2016

Bald and nearly broken but this cage held a bear with an incredible heart

She’d lost her fur, her eyes were in constant pain, her joints ached but when her rescuers arrived Kay took the lead - now this moon bear is almost mended.


18 March 2016

PICTURES: After years of bile farm abuse – bears Angelica and Cinnamon are now pain free

Caged, used and abused and living in pain for so many years - moon bears Angelica and Cinnamon have had their damaged gall bladders removed by Animals Asia vets in Vietnam.