06 January 2016

Lesley Nicol takes bear love to the next level as member of cartoon cast

Animals Asia ambassador, Lesley Nicol, is so enamoured with bears she’s now taken her love of them to the small screen.


05 January 2016

Why Meatless Monday is the animal rescue we can all take part in

I am vegan and I spend much of my time trying to convince others to take this step – which sees the least possible negative impact upon animals as we lead our lives.


04 January 2016

It’s not lonely at the top – it’s just how sun bear Dorle likes it

Happy #SunBearMonday – one on which shy Dorle is finally stealing the show.


28 December 2015

#MoonBearMonday – Post-Christmas edition

In honour of Christmas, we’d like to tell a story of some very good bears who had a very special Christmas.


27 December 2015

12 Vines that show how much bears love Christmas

At Animals Asia’s bear rescue centres in China and Vietnam, Christmas is a time of year when we spoil our bears even more than we usually do.


26 December 2015

Downton finale signals end but cast legacy of fighting bear bile farming endures

The series’ finale of hit show Downton Abbey aired last night – marking the final goodbye of a show which moved millions around the world. But while the series may be ending, the legacy of the cast’s fight against bear bile farming will endure.


22 December 2015

10 tips for a cruelty-free Christmas

We sent out an “all staff” Animals Asia email – “What are your tips for a cruelty-free Christmas?” – and surveyed last year’s tips to compile a list that will satisfy your stomach and heart.


21 December 2015

From bile farm to paradise – another Halong Bay bear goes outside

A bear from Animals Asia’s biggest rescue of 2015 has just passed his quarantine period and is enjoying what he’s deserved all his life – the outdoors, and lots and lots of sunshine.