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16 October 2017

Breakthrough for the nervous bear too scared to believe she was truly safe

Life on a bile farm left moon bear Jane with a fear of humans and open spaces but when she stepped outside for the first time, her carers knew the dark days were over.


12 October 2017

For rescued bears, adjusting to life after cruelty requires constant care

Since being rescued from a bear bile farm, nervous moon bears Binh An and Song Be are finding friendship and open space can be challenging too.


10 October 2017

Legendary musician to stage unique London show for Animals Asia

Animals Asia’s newest UK Ambassador, Rick Wakeman will perform alongside artist Maria Rud to help end animal cruelty in Asia.


09 October 2017

Rescued bear with no tongue savours the taste of freedom from a cage

Moon bear Cloud may have lost most of his tongue on a bile farm, but he has not lost his appetite for fresh fruit and veg – or his taste for adventure.


06 October 2017

When rescued, this emaciated bear could barely walk – look at him now

Life on a bear bile farm caused moon bear Wolfie’s muscles to waste away due to lack of use, but loving care is helping him learn how to be a bear again.


03 October 2017

Only education can end horrific dog debarking surgery

Owners who took their dogs to have their vocal chords cut out claimed they didn’t know what to do in the face of neighbours’ noise complaints.


02 October 2017

Watch these amazing rescued bears work together to get their favourite snack

If there is one thing bears love, it’s eating fresh tasty leaves – and if they don’t feel they have enough, well they’ll just help themselves to some more.


29 September 2017

How rodeos and bullfights help perpetuate animal cruelty in Asia

Vietnam’s biggest buffalo fighting festival evaded a ban with defenders pointing to American rodeos and European bullfights as a key reason why.