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30 March 2017

Saving, protecting and respecting dogs – a rural revolution near Hanoi

The delight of this dog’s family after he survived a life-threatening disease shows how efforts to instil animal respect works – to the benefit of all.


29 March 2017

This moon bear has such a magnetic personality he’s making his own gang!

After life alone on a bile farm, moon bear Cinta is now one of the friendliest bears ever rescued, and even the crankiest bears want to join his club.


28 March 2017

Broken arm, ruptured tendon but Jill is determined her abseil for animals will go on

Despite two serious injuries, Animals Asia’s founder Jill Robinson is adamant she will still jump off the UK’s highest tower to raise vital funds.


27 March 2017

How many moon bears does it take to break a hammock?

They grew up on bile farms, now all they have to worry about is whether their hammock can survive moon bear playtime.


24 March 2017

Elephants playing polo at “conservation” event sends all the wrong messages

They can call it sport, charity or even conservation but it’s just another cruel circus with animals controlled by bullhooks for human entertainment.


23 March 2017

VIDEO: China’s private zoos accused of poaching and “laundering” wild animals

Investigation raises possibility of large scale poaching and “laundering” of illegally trafficked animals at private Chinese zoos.


21 March 2017

Michael the orangutan escapes cruel selfie duty

Sustained pressure has convinced a zoo in Indonesia to never again abuse baby orangutan Michael for selfies – AND build him a new enclosure.


17 March 2017

Dog meat in South Korea: Has infamous Moran Market really closed?

It’s complicated, but our Senior Cat and Dog Welfare Manager Suki Deng suggests recent changes mean there is room for optimism for campaigners and dog lovers.