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03 October 2017

Only education can end horrific dog debarking surgery

Owners who took their dogs to have their vocal chords cut out claimed they didn’t know what to do in the face of neighbours’ noise complaints.


02 October 2017

Watch these amazing rescued bears work together to get their favourite snack

If there is one thing bears love, it’s eating fresh tasty leaves – and if they don’t feel they have enough, well they’ll just help themselves to some more.


29 September 2017

How rodeos and bullfights help perpetuate animal cruelty in Asia

Vietnam’s biggest buffalo fighting festival evaded a ban with defenders pointing to American rodeos and European bullfights as a key reason why.


22 September 2017

David Shepherd: Farewell to a hero

Animals Asia is deeply saddened to learn of the passing of artist, conservationist and dear friend David Shepherd CBE.


20 September 2017

Viral video ends cruel sun bear and orangutan performances

In the face of public outrage, an Indonesian zoo has announced it will no longer force sun bears and orangutans to perform for food.


19 September 2017

“Care for animals, care for life” adverts appear across China’s Yulin city

The city of Yulin, synonymous for many with the eating of cats and dogs, is this month home to a series of public ads advocating care for animals.


15 September 2017

French supermarket chain Carrefour remains dog meat free

Animals Asia has confirmed Carrefour’s Chinese stores are still not carrying dog meat products, three months after they were removed from shelves.


14 September 2017

This inspirational bear has overcome a decade of isolation and trauma

Just one year on from his rescue from near total isolation as an exotic pet, sun bear Kaffe is happy, healthy and surrounded by friends.