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25 January 2017

Rescued after years alone – sun bear is learning how to make friends

Sun bear Kaffe spent a decade caged and alone as an exotic pet – now he’s finally meeting other bears but making friends isn’t easy when it’s your first time.


25 January 2017

China’s animal charities are growing, saving lives and speaking up

China’s fledgling animal charities have abundant compassion now extra guidance, expertise and funding are helping save lives.


24 January 2017

Five things you need to know about the Nem Thuong Pig Slaughter Festival

How a campaign to save a pig in Vietnam changed a country, but the fight to save the pig continues.


23 January 2017

Chocolate-coloured moon bear climbs high after bile farm rescue

Ever seen a brown Asiatic black bear? Moon bear Chocolate Tara is an exception and seven years on from his rescue he’s top of the world.


20 January 2017

These broken paws have become a symbol of bile farm cruelty

These are the dry, broken, cracked, painful paws of bears rescued from bile farms that have only ever stood on bars. But they can be mended.


19 January 2017

Sun bears "starving" in Indonesia – act now to help them

Following reports of starving sun bears at Indonesia’s Bandung Zoo, Animals Asia has been overwhelmed with requests for updates – here’s how we are helping, and you can too.


18 January 2017

Sanctuary Stars: Her voice provides a bridge between east and west

Everyday Tina works between colleagues from East and West – in making each understood she is key to everything the bear sanctuary achieves.


17 January 2017

Blind bile farm bear free from pain after eye surgery

Moon bear Juniper’s eye problems caused bad moods making her unpopular with sanctuary pals but now she’s back to her old self again.