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01 September 2017

Rescued from a meat truck – now this little dog just wants to go home

Pop stars and celebrities have joined the fight to find the grieving families of a dog stolen by thieves for the meat trade.


31 August 2017

No fur, no leather: cruelty-free fashion is possible

While many of the world’s biggest brands continue to sell products made of animal skin – fashion company Miomojo has pledged to help, not harm.


30 August 2017

Critically ill dogs on the mend after rescue from the meat trade

The sickest of 35 dogs rescued from thieves are being helped by vets whose loving care is overcoming trauma.


29 August 2017

More sad footage shames Indonesia’s infamous travelling dolphin circuses

The latest footage of the world’s only travelling dolphin circuses show the animals are cruelly starved and abused in the name of education.


28 August 2017

Poachers left this sun bear orphaned and alone – now heroes have rebuilt her life

From frightened cub illegally trafficked and heading for the bile trade, Layla is now a happy, healthy adolescent surrounded by loving siblings.


25 August 2017

5 reasons the dog meat trade must end

From extreme cruelty to animals, to social unrest and even murder, the dog meat trade is bad for dogs, bad for people and bad for countries.


23 August 2017

Limping rescued bear prompts trip to “human hospital”

When no one else could help, an injured moon bear’s carers turned in hope to a Vietnamese hospital – what happened next was amazing.


21 August 2017

Rescued from a bile farm - nine bears now out of quarantine and ready for new lives

Before their rescue this summer - the #9Lives bears had been in bile farm cages for a decade. Bear Manager Sarah knows them best and shares their progress here.