06 March 2019

Animals Asia Ambassador Peter Egan visits “sickening horrors” of Indonesia’s brutal dog and cat meat markets

Downton Abbey actor visibly shocked after visit to infamous dog and cat meat markets, calls for ban on “scenes of hell”.


05 March 2019

Sheer joy as rescued sun bear waits 15 years to make her first ever friends

Recently rescued sun bear Aurora is well into middle age for her species, but feels just like a cub again thanks to her five new best friends.


01 March 2019

The truth about elephant riding

Every year, tourists from around the world ride elephants while on holiday in Southeast Asia. Here’s why you should never take an elephant ride.


28 February 2019

“All life on earth is equal”: China Vet training programme expands with animal welfare at its heart

Chinese veterinary students spent two weeks at Animals Asia’s sanctuary learning about animal welfare principles which will improve animal lives.


27 February 2019

Sun shines on recently rescued moon bear for first time after 13 years of cruelty

Moon bear Kim had no fear of the outdoor world she hadn’t experienced for a lifetime, but past trauma means she is not yet ready to make friends with other bears.


26 February 2019

Protest ends sexual harassment of sun bear at Indonesian circus

While no laws protect animals from sexual harassment, public protests organised by Animals Asia’s partner have led to a management u-turn.


19 February 2019

Vietnamese Buddhist monk speaks out against animal cruelty at New Year festivals

Buddhist monk Thich Minh Thanh has told media in Vietnam that beginning the New Year by chopping pigs or stabbing buffalos will not bring good luck.


15 February 2019

World Whale Day: The beluga communities crushed for the circus

Distinctive white whales live in communal groups, migrate thousands of miles and raise each other’s young, but are being poached to stock aquariums.