28 May 2019

Veterinary Nursing: Tender loving care and a calm head under pressure, the life of a front-line animal hero

To mark Veterinary Nursing Awareness Month, Katherine Alexander explains how these highly trained professionals treat a variety of species with the minimum of stress for the patient.


24 May 2019

Tragic death of newly rescued bear deepens resolve to empty every cage in Vietnam

Barely a month on from rescue, moon bear Amy – the first bear rescued from Vietnam’s last bile farm hotspot – loses her fight for life.


23 May 2019

Animals Asia Founder wins Hong Kong Women of Hope Award and praises team who rescued over 600 bears

Animals Asia Founder and CEO, Jill Robinson MBE was feted at the Hong Kong Women of Hope Awards where her long-standing contributions to animal welfare were celebrated.


10 May 2019

Lobbying and trust-building sees Chinese city set up humane dog ownership legislation

In face of rising human-canine conflict, this Chinese city has taken recommendations on board to formulate a humane social contract.


09 May 2019

Kids in elephant riding hotspot call for an end to tourism rides

Vietnamese school children paint images of a more humane future without elephant rides, circuses or trinkets made from elephant parts.


08 May 2019

In macaque society, friends are wealth and increase chances of a long happy life

The intricate social hierarchies of macaques contain strong friendships, and now behavioural researchers believe these good friends lead to longer lives.


03 May 2019

First pictures of rescued bear cubs Sugar and Spice in new sanctuary hom

Just one week after being rescued from brutal exploitation in a Vietnam circus, moon bears Sugar and Spice are exploring their new home.


01 May 2019

VIDEO: Less than a year on, elephants freed from tourist rides are the “healthiest elephants in Vietnam”

Animals Asia set up Vietnam’s first ethical elephant tours in 2018, already the elephants look good and feel great, but more tourists are needed.