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14 March 2018

Self-aware spiders: fascinating arachnid builds its own lifelike decoys

They are often seen as creepy and widely feared yet spiders are an essential part of the natural world and may even have a sound understanding of their own place in it.


09 March 2018

How the human world is catching up with animal intelligence

Humans have been getting it wrong for centuries, but research and education is leading to new laws finally recognising the sentience of non-human animals.


08 March 2018

#InternationalWomensDay: Three inspirational women fighting back against the cruelty of bear bile farming

These incredible women have used determination, leadership, expertise, experience and love to change the world for hundreds of bears suffering extreme cruelty.


06 March 2018

How far would you go? This hero is walking 1,400 kilometres for moon bears

Super-supporter from the UK is just a few weeks into a 90-day journey that will take her the entire length of Britain – all for animals in need.


05 March 2018

The way these rescued bears gently wrestle is just the sweetest

Bears are famously powerful but rescued moon bears prove they can be gentle too – and that tender moments spent together can be incredibly rewarding.


02 March 2018

Building trust between government and charities to find old dogs new homes

Nearly 30 stray dogs are adopted as Animals Asia brings together local authorities and charities to bolster humane animal management.


01 March 2018

World Horse Day: We’re just finding out horses are even smarter than we thought

After thousands of years of domestication, we’re still learning about the horse’s amazing ability to communicate – with horses, other species and even us humans.


27 February 2018

Twelve monkeys rescued by female Buddhist monk receive enormous new homes so they can all live like one big family

An act of compassion ensured these monkeys survived the cruelty of poachers, now animal lovers are giving them the best possible life.