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04 December 2017

The timid bear who conquered her anxiety now thrives in the company of friends

When Ki started showing signs of depression, her carers made it their mission to help her - with perseverance and creativity they achieved stunning results.


01 December 2017

Spate of circus animal escapes from Europe to China proves it’s time for total ban

From the boulevards of Paris to the streets of China, escaped circus animals have caused chaos and threatened lives - countries have to act.


30 November 2017

Indonesian zoo stops forcing orangutan, sun bear and otter to perform for visitors

Animals free to be animals after exposé leads to backlash over cruelty and exploitation at zoo in Yogyakarta city triggering change of policy.


29 November 2017

5 times a petition changed the world for abused animals

By adding your voice, you have helped end barbaric cruelty against animals – with your continued support we can do even more.


28 November 2017

Tragic legacy: Why can’t captive animals be released back into the wild?

Mutilation, disease, mental trauma and a reliance on their human captors leaves most captive animals without the ability to survive in the wild.


27 November 2017

How a brave disabled bear called Freedom overcame the horror of a poacher’s snare

The loss of an arm on one side and part of her paw on the other has not stopped this special bear from making the most of life.


24 November 2017

More than 3,500 rescued cats and dogs protected from disease in China

Operation to deworm and vaccinate rescued strays rolled out across 18 Chinese cities in a major push to give neglected animals special care.


23 November 2017

10 times the richness of animal lives has taken scientists' breath away

From the act of birth to the moment of death, animal life is more complex than humans give them credit for - to exploit them is unethical.