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06 June 2018

Vietnamese school children plant the seeds of a bear bile farm free future

Pupils open garden of herbal alternatives to bear bile to fight animal cruelty and raise awareness of wildlife conservation.


05 June 2018

Dog cruelty targeted as pop-up think-tank unites charities and government agencies across China

Over 120 representatives met up to hammer out solutions to China’s increasing stray dog problem, which leads many to die in the meat trade.


04 June 2018

#MoonBearMonday: Rescued moon bears host impromptu tree party (and everybody runs for cover)

It is fair to say moon bears have a playfully destructive nature and take great delight in smashing wooden objects. Unfortunately, this object was a tree.


01 June 2018

The truth about the Yulin dog meat festival – and how to stop it

Misinformation is rife around China’s most notorious event – arm yourself with the facts, cut through the rumours and take action.


31 May 2018

TripAdvisor removes listing for tour offering endangered species as dinner

Pressure sees TripAdvisor stop profiting from endangered – and illegal – king cobra killing, but similar listings remain.


28 May 2018

#MoonBearMonday: Survivor of Vietnam’s most brutal bear bile farm reminds us every life is worth fighting for

Three years after being rescued as the sole survivor from a farm where 26 others died, moon bear Oscar is proof every life is precious.


25 May 2018

As Yulin festival approaches, crowdsourced reporting of dog and cat meat illegality has saved dog lives across China

Thousands of dogs in cities all over China are estimated to have been saved as public outrage over illegality puts pressure on dog meat sellers.


24 May 2018

Miomojo Cub House: Adorable young bears enjoy their favourite kind of treasure hunt

Young sun bears just adore peanut butter, so what better way to finish the jars than to organise the Sun Bear Peanut Butter Treasure Hunt.