22 August 2022

Animals Asia’s supporters come together to end bear bile farming in Vietnam

We knew our supporters were amazing, but we’ve been completely bowled over by just how much they’ve risen to the challenge of helping us end bear bile farming in Vietnam! Let’s meet some more of the incredible people who are putting their kindness in action for the bears.


08 August 2022

Supporters make Moon Bear Day 2022 the best yet!

It’s Moon Bear Day! On this day 24 years ago, Jill Robinson founded Animals Asia to end bear bile farming and improve animal welfare across Asia. Today we’re meeting some of the incredible people who are putting kindness in action to make sure there is no bear left behind in our campaign to end bear bile farming in Vietnam.


01 August 2022

Moon Bear Heroes raise thousands for new bear sanctuary

From Teddy Bear’s Picnics to climbing the world’s tallest mountains, Animals Asia’s supporters across the world have come together to support our campaign to rescue the last bears from bile farming in Vietnam… and have raised a whopping £19,000 so far!


15 July 2022

Exclusive! One giant leap for moonkind as Animals Asia breaks ground on second bear sanctuary in Vietnam

Animals Asia is joined by the Vietnamese government, famous friends, and the media as they break ground on their second bear sanctuary in Vietnam, bringing them one step closer to closing the bear bile industry in the country.


11 July 2022

Animals Asia calls on supporters to join the race to rescue the last bile bears in Vietnam

We’re so close to ending bear bile farming in Vietnam! As Animals Asia races to rescue the remaining few hundred bears on bile farms, we’re asking our amazing supporters to help us get over the finish line. Here's how you can help!


07 July 2022

Animals Asia rescues seven bears from bile farming hotspot in Vietnam

Animals Asia has rushed to rescue seven desperate adult moon bears from a notorious bear bile farming hotspot in Vietnam. This brings the number of bears held in this region to 122.


14 June 2022

Animals Asia rescues five bears from bile industry and wildlife trafficking

Animals Asia has rescued three moon bear cubs from an illegal wildlife trafficking operation, and two adult moon bears who have spent years caged on bile farms in Vietnam. All five bears are now safe at our sanctuary and will begin the long process of healing from their traumatic pasts.


10 June 2022

Animals Asia unveils site of new sanctuary, heralding the end of bear bile farming in Vietnam

Celebrities, conservationists, and prominent animal rights activists around the world joined Animals Asia at the location of our new bear sanctuary. This sanctuary, the last of its kind in the country, signals the end of bear bile farming in Vietnam as we rescue the last bears still trapped on farms.