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29 January 2019

Hopes rise for wild release as two macaques are rescued from captivity

Now safely in a national park rescue centre, the two macaques have formed a bond and could be re-released despite amputated leg.


29 January 2019

Horror as scientists give cloned monkeys brain disorders for medical testing

Announcement shows a complete disregard for animals as sentient beings, and a glimpse of a dystopian future.


25 January 2019

By changing attitudes to welfare in our neighbourhood we’re sending ripples of compassion around the country

They say change begins at home, which is why we’ve been working with communities living around our China sanctuary to improve the lives of their domestic animals.


23 January 2019

Carers mourn as moon bear Ginny passes away after 18 years of sanctuary

Moon bear Ginny was the fifth bear ever rescued by Animals Asia and enjoyed 18 years of sanctuary after being saved from bile farm horror.


21 January 2019

Memory, treasure and deceit: the complicated lives of squirrels

They are ubiquitous in gardens all over the globe, but the life of a squirrel is a complex game of buried treasure, memory, problem solving and trickery.


17 January 2019

#MiomojoCubHouse: Footage shows little sun bear Goldie swinging for joy

Sun bear Goldie was rescued as a cub four years ago, and this video shows just how much he loves his new life.


16 January 2019

From a nameless victim to a treasured friend, moon bear Precious is living up to her name

First shots of moon bear Precious after rescue show she is relaxed, confident and more comfortable than ever before.


15 January 2019

Relief for animals as prestigious Vietnamese zoo quietly ends cruel elephant performances

Following years of criticism from Animals Asia, Saigon Zoo has ended all elephant performances.