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19 September 2017

“Care for animals, care for life” adverts appear across China’s Yulin city

The city of Yulin, synonymous for many with the eating of cats and dogs, is this month home to a series of public ads advocating care for animals.


15 September 2017

French supermarket chain Carrefour remains dog meat free

Animals Asia has confirmed Carrefour’s Chinese stores are still not carrying dog meat products, three months after they were removed from shelves.


14 September 2017

This inspirational bear has overcome a decade of isolation and trauma

Just one year on from his rescue from near total isolation as an exotic pet, sun bear Kaffe is happy, healthy and surrounded by friends.


11 September 2017

VIDEO: These playful rescued bears prove friendship is the best medicine

Since being rescued from traffickers, best friends Murphy and Goldie have become the family each has always wanted and never want to be apart.


08 September 2017

An inspiration: Animals Asia founder honoured with Animal Hero award

Jill Robinson’s lifelong work to protect animals in Asia was recognised with an Outstanding Contribution award at the UK’s Animal Hero Awards.


07 September 2017

Hollywood action hero Maggie Q to come out fighting for animals in Hong Kong

Animals Asia Ambassador Maggie Q will be in Hong Kong to head the charity’s gala in aid of Asia’s threatened bears.


05 September 2017

The sad bear who longs to go outside, but can’t find the courage

Sun bear Annemarie was caged her entire life and one year on from her rescue, she’s still afraid to take her biggest step.


04 September 2017

These four sun bears were all destined for life in a cage – look at them now

Since being rescued from traffickers, sun bears Layla, Goldie, Murphy and Sassy have dedicated themselves to having as much fun as possible every single day.