05 March 2018

The way these rescued bears gently wrestle is just the sweetest

Bears are famously powerful but rescued moon bears prove they can be gentle too – and that tender moments spent together can be incredibly rewarding.


02 March 2018

Building trust between government and charities to find old dogs new homes

Nearly 30 stray dogs are adopted as Animals Asia brings together local authorities and charities to bolster humane animal management.


01 March 2018

World Horse Day: We’re just finding out horses are even smarter than we thought

After thousands of years of domestication, we’re still learning about the horse’s amazing ability to communicate – with horses, other species and even us humans.


27 February 2018

Twelve monkeys rescued by female Buddhist monk receive enormous new homes so they can all live like one big family

An act of compassion ensured these monkeys survived the cruelty of poachers, now animal lovers are giving them the best possible life.


26 February 2018

Hero vets save rescued bear suffering from life-threatening spinal injury

When moon bear Mandela’s spinal cord collapsed, his carers thought he wouldn’t survive, but dedicated vets have been able to get him back on his feet.


23 February 2018

5 shocking examples of animal abuse available right now on TripAdvisor

Forget the dark web, if you want to eat a vulnerable species, cuddle captured wild animals or pose with a drugged tiger, just jump on TripAdvisor.


21 February 2018

TAKE ACTION: TripAdvisor’s animal welfare policy is failing and animals are suffering

The public can’t be expected to be experts. TripAdvisor – just like any other travel agent – must be responsible for the content on its own site.


20 February 2018

PETITION: TripAdvisor continues to facilitate animal cruelty despite ticket sales ban

The world’s largest travel site contradicts its own ethics by continuing to allow facilities which exploit animals to promote on their platform –demand it stops now.