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12 January 2018

How a tragic series of errors led to a policeman beating a dog to death in the street

The video of a dog being beaten to death in China is deeply shocking but calls for action against the police are misguided – we must work together.


10 January 2018

Six horrific ways bile is extracted from bears for traditional medicine

There is simply no humane way of doing something as inhumane as extracting bile from a bear who should be roaming the wild but is instead is locked up in a cage.


09 January 2018

Three-legged bear released into the wild spotted alive and well on camera

One year since moon bear juvenile Rainbow was released into the wild after having an injured limb amputated, she is seen looking healthier than ever.


04 January 2018

Rescued moon bear tragically passes away just as cruelty-free life was beginning

Long-suffering bear Bao Lam was laid to rest under a crescent moon by her carers after sudden death from respiratory failure.


02 January 2018

Rescued moon bears find solace in each other after years of neglect and pain on a bile farm

Dieu and Soul have already overcome a fear of open spaces to forage outside – but legacy of physical damage means a constant struggle to stay healthy.


29 December 2017

The year in numbers: bear rescues, petitions, workshops and hundreds of tonnes of fruit and veg

From feeding our rescued bears in China more than 100 metric tonnes of fruit and veg to one historic agreement to end bear bile farming in Vietnam within five years – here’s what we’ve achieved over the past 12 months.


22 December 2017

Emptying the cages: A history of bear rescues in Vietnam

Since 2007, Animals Asia has rescued 186 bears in Vietnam by working hand in hand with the authorities and even ex-farmers – here’s how it happened.


21 December 2017

Edible presents and Christmas cheer are the perfect gift for hundreds of rescued bears

Christmas is not for another couple of days but we were too excited to wait to give hundreds of bears at our sanctuaries in China and Vietnam their presents.