26 July 2019

#MoonBearDay2019 is coming on August 8

Global day of celebration established to raise awareness of the world’s most exploited bear species – here’s how you can get involved.


25 July 2019

Five things you need to know about bear bile farming

More than 12,000 bears suffer a lifetime of painful bile extraction on bear bile farms in China and Vietnam. Animals Asia remains dedicated to eradicating this cruel, inhumane and unnecessary industry.


22 July 2019

Moon bears Mekong, Newtie and blind Mai grow in courage but still haven’t found their tribe

Newtie and Mekong have each other while blind Mai is increasingly confident, but the trio are yet to find a community where they feel at home.


19 July 2019

Therapy dogs called in to help with Hong Kong exam stress trauma

As thousands of students waited on university entrance exam results, qualified Animals Asia therapy dogs were called in to ease the burden and reduce stress.


18 July 2019

In Pictures: Schools, shopping malls and learning centres rally to protect bears in China

With bear bile farming still legal in China, Animals Asia is raising awareness of moon bears and why this iconic species needs our help.


17 July 2019

This picture has convinced thousands in Vietnam that elephant riding and circuses must end

Image of girl riding exhausted elephant goes viral attracting outrage, widespread media coverage and finally, when the truth emerged, respect.


10 July 2019

Wildlife traffickers caught in operation involving speedboats, hidden compartments and corrupt officials

Animals Asia’s partner rescues 384 birds from traffickers, the latest blow to illegal smuggling rings who would silence Indonesia’s jungles.


09 July 2019

Tidal wave of change sweeping away Indonesia’s dog meat trade

After one region announced they would eradicate dog meat, Java authorities have backed the move while Bali shuts down sellers.