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06 December 2018

Three more Vietnamese provinces bear bile farm-free after rescues

Concerted efforts by government, bear farmers, the public and global charities brings Vietnam closer to a bear bile farm-free future.


04 December 2018

How cheetahs evolved springy spines and ultra-sensitive inner ears to outcompete their competitors

The cheetah’s incredible speed on land is well known, but the astounding story of the evolutionary miracle behind their speed will make you gasp.


03 December 2018

#MoonBearMonday: 15 years after rescue, Bodo still relishes every day – and every leaf

As moon bear Bodo celebrates 15 years of sanctuary, it is hoped this most sociable of bears will be able to enjoy at least another decade of happiness.


29 November 2018

Miomojo Cub House: The tragic sign which shows this orphaned bear will always miss her mum

Rescued as a cub, sun bear Layla still suckles her paw in a reminder of the close bond broken when she was poached from the wild.


27 November 2018

Delightful holiday gifts for humans that help save animals

Order before December to give your loved ones gorgeous gifts which make the world a better place for animals this holiday season.


22 November 2018

#GivingToysday: Bears are incredibly playful animals and when you give them toys, magic happens

See how incredibly happy these rescued bears get when people around the world send them playful gifts to make their hearts soar.


21 November 2018

Two Vietnamese tourist sites dumped by Lonely Planet in move against animal cruelty

Leading travel guide publisher has stopped selling tours to Orchid and Monkey Island in opposition to their cruel animal performances.


20 November 2018

Animal protection on the agenda for students as exhibition tours China to fight cruelty

Up to 90,000 Chinese students are set to learn about the importance of animal welfare as part of a new poster exhibition university tour.