14 December 2022

World Monkey Day: How our closest living relatives needs our help more than ever

Monkeys are cognitively complex individuals, and they are in need of our help.


10 December 2022

Why animals should not be in circuses

The truth about animals in circuses is that they are abused and endure lives of complete misery, while some are even poached from the wild, purely for entertainment.


28 November 2022

Two generous donors pledge to DOUBLE all donations to Animals Asia this Giving Tuesday!

This Giving Tuesday 29 November, your impact will be doubled as two generous donors have promised to match your donations to Animals Asia for a limited time only!


23 November 2022

We’ve partnered with your favorite brands so as you shop, they donate to Animals Asia!

What could be better than giving to charity for free? Well, that’s exactly what you can do as you shop this Holiday Season - or at any time of the year! So, let’s go shopping!


04 November 2022

Students step up to help the last bile bears of Vietnam

Across the world, animal lovers are getting creative and active to support Animals Asia’s campaign to end bear bile farming in Vietnam. And some of the most innovative and dynamic of them come from the classroom…


26 October 2022

BREAKING NEWS: Our beloved Paddington loses her fight for life and becomes the latest victim of bear bile farming

We are absolutely devastated to bring you the news that Paddington, one of the most recent bears we rescued from 17 years on a bile farm, has passed away. Her tragic death highlights the urgent need to rescue the remaining bears trapped on bile farms across Vietnam as many, like Paddington, may not have long left.


29 September 2022

A week after the rescue of moon bear Paddington, Marmalade is rescued from another bile farm

A week after the other Paddington bear was rescued, another cage is emptied and another farm closed as Animals Asia rescues Marmalade from the collapsing bile farming industry in Vietnam.


23 September 2022

Animals Asia rescues bear who’d spent 17 years on a bile farm

Animals Asia has just rescued a female moon bear, who we’ve nicknamed ‘Paddington’, from a tiny cage on a bile farm. She’d spent 17 years - her entire life - suffering repeated bile extraction.