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02 November 2017

Bali tourist attraction seeks signal from government to stop sun bear selfies

Forced to respond to global call to end selfies with sun bear mother and cub, Indonesian facility highlights lack of legislation, while government hints at review of current laws.


01 November 2017

Yes, humans are unique in the animal kingdom, but not superior

For anthropologist Barbara J. King, life is a balance between recognizing human differences and acknowledging the importance of all animals.


31 October 2017

Why wild animals can never humanely be used as photo props

Social media is fuelling global demand for wild animal selfies, but behind the holiday snaps is a lifetime of suffering for the animals and personal danger for the tourists.


30 October 2017

The lost bear whose photo saved 33 others and could rescue 1,000 more

We’ll never know what became of him, but because of a bear called Samaritan, 33 others are now safe - his image was the beginning of the end for bear bile farming in Vietnam.


27 October 2017

5 ways YOU can help end cruel exploitation for this sun bear family

Sun bear Ajib and her young cub Marsha are being forced to hug and pose for photos with tourists in Indonesia – here’s how we end it.


26 October 2017

SIGN & SHARE: Act now to end cruel selfie duty for innocent sun bear family

Instead of bonding with each other as mother and child, sun bear Ajib and her cub Marsha are forced to pose for selfies with Western tourists – YOU can help end it.


25 October 2017

Gucci's ban on fur shows designers don’t set the trends – we do

The fashion giant’s decision to end their association with fur is good news, but other brands have already shown us the real future of fashion.


24 October 2017

Animals Asia Ambassador lauded with honorary doctorate for dedication to animal welfare

Acclaimed British actor Peter Egan has been awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Winchester for his “life-changing” work on animal welfare.