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02 January 2018

Rescued moon bears find solace in each other after years of neglect and pain on a bile farm

Dieu and Soul have already overcome a fear of open spaces to forage outside – but legacy of physical damage means a constant struggle to stay healthy.


29 December 2017

The year in numbers: bear rescues, petitions, workshops and hundreds of tonnes of fruit and veg

From feeding our rescued bears in China more than 100 metric tonnes of fruit and veg to one historic agreement to end bear bile farming in Vietnam within five years – here’s what we’ve achieved over the past 12 months.


22 December 2017

Emptying the cages: A history of bear rescues in Vietnam

Since 2007, Animals Asia has rescued 186 bears in Vietnam by working hand in hand with the authorities and even ex-farmers – here’s how it happened.


21 December 2017

Edible presents and Christmas cheer are the perfect gift for hundreds of rescued bears

Christmas is not for another couple of days but we were too excited to wait to give hundreds of bears at our sanctuaries in China and Vietnam their presents.


20 December 2017

Sun shines on six rescued bears celebrating their first real Christmas

Before their rescue from a Vietnamese bile farm last year, these bears were kept in small, dingy cells - now they feel the grass under their paws and the sun on their faces.


19 December 2017

Online Chinese retailer bans sale of endangered species and dog meat after boycott

Pin Duo Duo announcement comes after customers posted screenshots showing the illegal sale of cat and dog meat on the company’s website.


18 December 2017

VIDEO: Three disabled bears are working overtime to figure out their new toy

When a new structure appeared in the enclosure it made these three disabled moon bears – rescued from bile farms – smile with joy and determined to explore every spot.


14 December 2017

Animals Asia’s Indonesian partner wins prestigious award for uncovering animal abuse

Scorpion Foundation recognised for investigations that have helped to stop animal exploitation and raise awareness of animal welfare abuses across Indonesia.