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13 February 2018

China’s dog meat restaurants on the back foot as public clamour to report illegality

A new Animals Asia initiative allows the public to report dog meat restaurant illegality online, with hundreds of reports flooding in over the first 10 days.


09 February 2018

Chimpanzees on film: that’s not a smile, it’s a grimace

How decades of exploitation in movies has misled the public to think primates make great entertainers – in reality they are endangered wild animals.


07 February 2018

Autistic children pour their love of cats and dogs into colourful art

Dogs helping to brighten the lives of autistic children in China are celebrated in a series of touching artworks by their best friends.


06 February 2018

After a dozen years of cruelty rescued bears discover the joy of friendship

After 12 years alone in tiny cages so their bile could be extracted for traditional medicine, rescued moon bears Holly and Manu play for the first time.


01 February 2018

Behind the scenes at the sanctuary ending bear bile farming in Vietnam

From educating the public to empowering law enforcement, Animals Asia and their Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre are on course to end bile farming in Vietnam.


30 January 2018

Chinese high schools to offer official animal welfare module for the first time ever

A new biology curriculum launched by the Ministry of Education gives high schools the option of educating millions of students on the ethical treatment of animals.


24 January 2018

Safer in their skins: Booming demand for cruelty-free fashion helps animals

More people than ever are shunning clothes made of leather and fur, appalled by the cruel killing and exploitation of animals – luckily, the alternatives are even better.


19 January 2018

Penguin Awareness Day: The animal world’s most extraordinary stay-at-home dads

While their partner’s search for food, male emperor penguins endure months of achingly cold temperatures alone to protect their young.