13 June 2018

PETITION: Release of explosive report could mark end of wild animal performance in Vietnam

Report reveals widespread abuse of protected species – with one venue already under investigation, sign now to demand the end of wild animal performance.


12 June 2018

20th anniversary logo is reminder of hundreds of bears saved and a promise to keep fighting until the cruelty ends

In 20 years, Animals Asia has rescued over 600 bears, reached an agreement with the Vietnamese government to end bile farming and led the campaign in China.


08 June 2018

Elephants in captivity: What would they choose if they had a choice?

How wild elephants stay happy and healthy during long, meaningful lives is well-known, yet zoos consistently fail to meet basic needs – we must ask why.


07 June 2018

Theme park in Vietnam forced to cease animal performances as report alleges illegality and abuse

The park has temporarily cancelled performances and will have to explain the origin of protected species to the authorities.


06 June 2018

Vietnamese school children plant the seeds of a bear bile farm free future

Pupils open garden of herbal alternatives to bear bile to fight animal cruelty and raise awareness of wildlife conservation.


05 June 2018

Dog cruelty targeted as pop-up think-tank unites charities and government agencies across China

Over 120 representatives met up to hammer out solutions to China’s increasing stray dog problem, which leads many to die in the meat trade.


04 June 2018

#MoonBearMonday: Rescued moon bears host impromptu tree party (and everybody runs for cover)

It is fair to say moon bears have a playfully destructive nature and take great delight in smashing wooden objects. Unfortunately, this object was a tree.


01 June 2018

The truth about the Yulin dog meat festival – and how to stop it

Misinformation is rife around China’s most notorious event – arm yourself with the facts, cut through the rumours and take action.