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26 October 2017

SIGN & SHARE: Act now to end cruel selfie duty for innocent sun bear family

Instead of bonding with each other as mother and child, sun bear Ajib and her cub Marsha are forced to pose for selfies with Western tourists – YOU can help end it.


25 October 2017

Gucci's ban on fur shows designers don’t set the trends – we do

The fashion giant’s decision to end their association with fur is good news, but other brands have already shown us the real future of fashion.


24 October 2017

Animals Asia Ambassador lauded with honorary doctorate for dedication to animal welfare

Acclaimed British actor Peter Egan has been awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Winchester for his “life-changing” work on animal welfare.


23 October 2017

Moon bear bought to dance in a circus thrives in new life

After a lifetime of being locked up, rescued moon bear Bao Lam savours chance to play, eat delicious treats and even sleep in peace as she makes up for lost years.


20 October 2017

One year on, the strongest condemnation of UNESCO’s cruel monkey circus is their own

A year after being alerted to animal abuse at a UNESCO-accredited facility, the UN agency has failed to end the cruelty and finally broke its silence to deny responsibility.


19 October 2017

How bear bile farms leave their victims broken and blind

While extraction techniques vary between Vietnam and China, bile farming in both countries causes unimaginable suffering to thousands of bears.


18 October 2017

Meet the delightful painted teddies saving real life bears from cruelty

For thousands of moon and sun bears trapped in tiny cages, help is coming from an unlikely source – teddy bears.


17 October 2017

Across Asia, moon bears may be “vulnerable” but in Vietnam their plight looks much worse

For almost a decade moon bears have been classified as “vulnerable” in the wild, but has bear bile farming actually pushed them to the edge of extinction in Vietnam?