16 October 2019

Emergency Bear Rescue from an Illegal Farm in Tam Duong

“Tuan” the Bear Becomes 210th Bear Rescued by Animals Asia in Vietnam.


09 October 2019

Dr Dog Programme Going Strong in China

Since January a whopping 64 new Dr Dogs have qualified for our team of canine consultants in Hong Kong, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Nanning. One of the most recent recruits to join the ranks of the 1000+ Dr Dogs who have passed the rigorous entrance examinations is Pizza, who was certified in Guangzhou city in China a fortnight ago.


07 October 2019

Vietnamese-American TV and film star and entrepreneur Maggie Q returns to Vietnam to visit our Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre

Maggie Q adopts and names a bear and pledges to help Animals Asia bring all of Vietnam’s bile bears to sanctuary by 2022.


04 October 2019

#WorldAnimalDay: To save the planet, we need to change the way we teach our children about animals

In a world that is becoming increasingly fragile, it is easy to feel lost in what to do next to protect our environment, our children and the animals and plants that share our planet.


26 September 2019

ACPA helps provide medical care for confiscated dogs following the largest ever bust of a dog theft ring by Vietnamese police

After a tip off to local authorities in Thanh Hoa Province (150km south of Hanoi) on September 15, 2019, police successfully carried out the largest ever bust of a dog theft ring, resulting in the seizure of 51 dogs. However, police struggled to care for the confiscated dogs, so the Asia Canine Protection Alliance (ACPA), of which Animals Asia is a member, stepped in to offer assistance.


20 September 2019

Back to school outdoor learning about herbal alternatives to bear bile

On the morning of August 29, just one week before the new school year officially started, students at Hai Ba Trung Primary school in the middle Phung Thuong, one of Vietnam’s last remaining bear bile hotspots, got hands-on experience of the herbal alternatives to medicines traditionally derived from bears.


19 September 2019

Public pressure is building against buffalo fighting in Vietnam

The Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival took place in Vietnam on 7th September. Our team was there to document the cruelty inflicted on these innocent creatures.


07 September 2019

Annual Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival set to take place today

The “traditional” festival is a horribly violent and cruel spectacle of animal suffering.