17 May 2022

No Bear Left Behind: Dream Mischa Tebs’ story

Dream Mischa Tebs was one of the lucky ones. Rescued by Animals Asia from a bile farm in 2011, she spent over a decade at our sanctuary in Vietnam. What happened to her and thousands like her is why we won’t stop until every cage on every bile farm is empty. This is her story.


15 May 2022

No Bear Left Behind: Animals Asia launches biggest ever campaign to rescue Vietnam’s last bile bears

Animals Asia is saving the Asiatic black bear in Vietnam by ending the industry that was pushing it to the edge of extinction. We just need your help to finish the job.


29 April 2022

The Vietnamese vets who will care for the last bile bears in the country

On World Veterinary Day we ask our four Vietnamese veterinary interns how they’re feeling to be part of the team that’s ending bear bile farming in their country. These four bright young vets will deliver world-class expert care to the last few hundred remaining bile bears as we rescue them to our new sanctuary.


15 April 2022

Wild and endangered animals forced to perform in circuses: new report

Animals Asia investigators witness the use and abuse of hundreds of wild animals at public venues across Vietnam and calls for authorities to ban the use of wild animals in entertainment.


07 April 2022

Animals Asia urges UK government to not back away from law to protect wild animals abroad

In a shocking U-turn, the UK government has abolished plans to publish a Bill that would save and protect thousands of wild animals.


31 March 2022

Meet Animals Asia’s new sanctuary’s Bear Team Manager, Phuong

As Animals Asia sets the wheels in motion to end bear bile farming in Vietnam forever, we meet the people who’ll be working with the bears we are yet to rescue and find out what this momentous milestone means to them.


29 March 2022

Snoopy passes away after 18 years of sanctuary

After 18 years at Animals Asia’s China sanctuary, our beloved Snoopy passed away surrounded by those who cherished and adored her. Today, we celebrate the life of a wonderfully unique bear who kept her carers on their toes right until the very end.


26 March 2022

Three more regions in Indonesia go dog meat free

In another momentous step towards Indonesia becoming dog meat-free, three more regencies announce they are ending the industry for good.