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01 August 2018

Animals Asia vet awarded for “outstanding achievement” to veterinary science for work with endangered moon bears

Emily Drayton recognised by University of Sydney for her achievements helping hundreds of moon bears recover from bile farm cruelty.


31 July 2018

Miomojo Cub House: Rescued bears graduate to “big bear” house – and they just love it

Five rescued sun bears have outgrown their cub house and are ready to explore a huge new world of exciting spaces, smells, sights and sounds.


27 July 2018

Exhibition brings emotional lives of animals to zoos across China, fostering respect and empathy for all species

One Life poster exhibition stresses the rich emotional lives of animals to increase compassion and reduce demand for wild animal products.


24 July 2018

#9Lives: People around the world give new lives to nine bears rescued from extreme cruelty

For nine bears in Vietnam, global support has replaced fear, pain and sickness with good health, open space and firm friends.


20 July 2018

You did it! Watch six rescued bears take their first steps outside

After cruelty comes sanctuary for six bears rescued from Vietnam’s bile industry who take their first steps on grass after a lifetime in a cage.


18 July 2018

New report proves bear bile farming fuels wild poaching

Bear bile farming was touted as a cure to poaching, but research again shows it has fuelled demand and decimated wild populations.


17 July 2018

Killing dogs for meat declared illegal in South Korea – what can China learn?

Campaign to end the dog meat trade results in a ban on killings – how did Korea get here, and will the same techniques work in other countries?


13 July 2018

World Chimpanzee Day: Our closest relatives have the compassion to adopt orphans, but do we have it in us to save them?

Chimpanzees are our closest living relatives, yet while they care for the defenceless, human activities are pushing them to extinction.