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13 April 2018

Dolphin Day: Playful, social and intelligent – but at risk of extinction

They live, play and communicate like us, but of the 43 known species of dolphin, 10 are at serious risk of extinction from human activity.


13 April 2018

Trio of animal cruelty hotspots lose TripAdvisor awards

A number of tourism facilities praised with TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence awards lose their recognition after Animals Asia campaign.


11 April 2018

Horror facility stripped of TripAdvisor award just days after online protest

Certificate of Excellence award to Safari World, Thailand quietly disappears from online travel website just days after being called out by animal lovers.


10 April 2018

“Language is not the only way to communicate”: Canine therapists help China’s autistic children

Hospital staff, patients and parents were won over by animal therapists during first-ever use of canines in a Shenzhen state-run hospital.


30 March 2018

After 11 years caring for over 300 rescued bears, this hero will go 26 miles more

After dedicating 11 years of her life to the rehabilitation of bears rescued from the bile industry, Nic Field will run the 2018 London Marathon for animals in need.


29 March 2018

Meet the Vietnamese heroes preparing to welcome 1,000 rescued bears

As part of the landmark agreement to end bear bile farming, staff from government rescue centres are receiving training from Animals Asia in the highest levels of care.


28 March 2018

Chinese politician publicly calls for complete end to bear bile farming

Proposal urges China’s legislative body to follow the lead of Vietnam and Korea by pledging to completely end bear bile farming.


23 March 2018

Brutal dog vs boar “fight” in Vietnam sparks national outrage and calls for law change

Welfare groups, the media and the public express shock after footage emerges of barbaric animal cruelty video filmed in the capital, Hanoi.