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27 April 2018

Amazing Animals: the hidden life of frogs

The humble frog – from what they do instead of drinking to where they make their tadpole nurseries – is an incredible animal worth celebrating.


26 April 2018

PETITION: Urge the Vietnam government to outlaw cruelty to animals

Inability to prosecute organisers of brutal animal fights sparks petition asking Vietnam to implement a specific law targeting animal cruelty.


24 April 2018

VICTORY! Cruel monkey circus at UNESCO facility shut down as a result of Animals Asia campaign

UNESCO-accredited facility in Vietnam is forced to end macaque circus in a major blow to the country’s animal performance industry.


20 April 2018

Miomojo Cub House: meet the orphaned bears growing up with unconditional love

Saved from poachers as cubs or rescued from the bile trade, these five young bears have found family and friendship in each other.


19 April 2018

Anu Vidya: Inspirational animal defender tragically passes away too soon

Animals Asia is deeply saddened by the loss of Anu Vidya, a talented psychologist who dedicated her life to people and animals in need.


18 April 2018

Chinese children learn teamwork, dedication and respect for animals

Youth football tournament in Chengdu brings animal welfare message to thousands of youngsters and their families.


17 April 2018

#BatAppreciationDay: Not a harbinger of doom but a canary in the coal mine

We all know the horror movie trope where bats are an omen of evil – but in reality, it is their potential absence which should fill us with fear.


13 April 2018

Dolphin Day: Playful, social and intelligent – but at risk of extinction

They live, play and communicate like us, but of the 43 known species of dolphin, 10 are at serious risk of extinction from human activity.