19 February 2012

Chinese basketball superstar Yao Ming visits bears rescued from bile extraction industry

Chinese basketball legend Yao Ming has visited bears rescued from the bear bile industry at Animal Asia’s moon bear sanctuary near Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China. During his visit he spent time at the animal hospital where he saw a bear that had been farmed using the “free drip” extraction method undergoing a health check.


18 January 2012

Dog-transport truck stopped en route to south China

The action by Chongqing Small Animal Protection Centre and volunteers to stop a truck transporting hundreds of dogs to their deaths in the markets of south China has been a success.


08 January 2012

Bear bile harmful to human health, according to research released at major Beijing event

The Chinese pharmaceutical industry was today called on to stop producing, promoting and selling bear bile from farmed bears at a high profile event in Beijing.