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11 May 2018

Ravenous rescued bears’ appetite for life sees them eat up to 5.5 metric tonnes a week

From subsisting on rice gruel to thriving on fruit and veg, rescue from the bile trade is a food revolution with long-term health and welfare effects.


09 May 2018

Elephants on the highways and chimps in the streets show the madness of wild animal circuses must end

In three years, the number of countries with wild animal performance bans has more than doubled, but cruelty and risk to the public remain a global problem.


08 May 2018

Animals Asia founder provides “lessons learned” about extinction for global conference

Jill Robinson explained how to rally support and gather political will in order to change the world, as part of discussion on saving vulnerable species.


04 May 2018

#MacaqueWeek: Human obsession with our primate cousins fuels pet and performance cruelty

Fascination with a species so similar to our own has led to thousands of macaques being poached from the wild – now it’s up to us to help them.


03 May 2018

At Animals Asia’s Vietnam sanctuary, every new space is another life saved

With every bile farm in Vietnam set to close, sanctuary bears are making new friends to free up space for even more rescues.


02 May 2018

Kangaroo stoned to death in Chinese zoo must be a wake up call for the industry

Inexcusable killing is not an isolated case and proves zoos in the country must act immediately to protect the animals in their care - and educate their visitors.


01 May 2018

#MacaqueWeek: Tool use and cultural learning goes way beyond what we previously knew

Observations of macaque communities has revealed tool use on a previously unimagined scale as well as a surprising new utility for human hair.


27 April 2018

These rescued cats and dogs are proving everyone in China should adopt, not shop

Rising trend of adoption is saving animals from disease and the dog meat trade to give them the forever home every cat and dog deserves.