21 February 2020

Cartoon encouraging responsible companion animal guardianship watched over 35,000 times in a day.

A new heartbreaking animated film commissioned by Animals Asia encourages responsible companion animal guardianship in China which has been viewed over 35,000 times in 24 hours.


20 February 2020

#BearInTheWindow pops up all across the world!

What started as a way for Animals Asia’s global teams to show solidarity with their friends and colleagues in China during the CoVid19 coronavirus crisis has become a worldwide social media outpouring. There have been #BearInTheWindow posts appearing from all the corners of the globe from Japan to Scotland, from Italy to Vietnam and the tributes show no sign of stopping.


15 February 2020

Raymond, a bear who lived in peace 15.09.11 - 15.01.20

On Wednesday 15th January, our vet team at the Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre made the difficult decision to end the suffering of our beloved bear friend Raymond. Raymond had been living at the Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre since he was rescued on 15 September 2011 from a bile farm in Nam Dinh province, south of Hanoi along with two other bears, Yulgilbar and Caz.


07 February 2020

Pets at the centre of the coronavirus crisis in Wuhan separated from their families are helped by Animals Asia support

In the city of Wuhan there are an estimated six to eight hundred thousand cats and dogs living as companion animals many of whom have been separated from their families who were unable to return to Wuhan before transport links returning to the city were severed.


29 January 2020

Animals Asia sends Veterinary Nurse Kat Donald to help struggling Australian wildlife impacted by recent catastrophic bushfires.

Like so many around the world we have been deeply affected by the bushfire crisis in Australia. The fires which have been burning since September have torched more than 15.6 million acres of land, leaving over 1,400 homes destroyed and wildlife devastated.


24 January 2020

Happy Lunar New Year! It’s the year of the rat at the Chengdu Rescue Centre and the bears in Vietnam are celebrating Tết!

It's the Lunar New Year and the bears at our China and Vietnam Bear Rescue Centres are celebrating too.


13 January 2020

Sanctuary strays connected with animal lovers thanks to the China Bear Rescue Centre

Sanctuary strays connected with animal lovers thanks to the China Bear Rescue Centre.