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11 May 2017

VIDEO: The heart-melting moment moon bear Snow let us know he was going to be ok

When rescued from a bile farm, Snow’s body was so horrifically mutilated we worried he would never come out his shell – but he’s surprised us all.


10 May 2017

Rescued bear swaps a bed of broken metal for soft grass in spring

Moon bear Binh Minh was held on a bear bile farm and unable to lie down as the floor of his cage had shattered leaving him perched on twisted metal.


09 May 2017

VIDEO: He was obese, caged and lonely, now swimming makes rescued bear happy

Rescued moon bear Popeye has been nervous since his rescue from a bear bile farm, but this footage shows he’s now relishing sanctuary life.


02 May 2017

How I helped moon bears recover from bear farm agony

As a volunteer for Animals Asia, Mary Robles played her part in improving lives so long filled with pain. This is the story of her life-changing journey.


28 April 2017

VIDEO: Shocking footage a reminder to NEVER ride elephants on holiday

Disturbing footage has come to light revealing the appalling treatment of tourism elephants in Indonesia.


27 April 2017

How to find love when you live a cruelty free life – new book out now

Our very own Maya Gottfried has just seen the publication of her new book, Vegan Love – a dating guide for those living a cruelty free lifestyle. Maya has been juggling commitments as Animals Asia’s senior PR with writing – and her book has just been published by Skyhorse.


25 April 2017

Ten days we’ll never forget – two bears rescued, 68 moved and now space for 40 more

It started with just two precious bears being freed from years of agonising captivity and ended with 68 others exploring their grassy new forever homes.


24 April 2017

Jill Robinson: to the Moon and Back documentary is out today

Ricky Gervais has called it “wonderful” and “heart-warming” – the movie documenting animal welfare leader Jill Robinson’s journey to end bear bile farming is released today.