21 August 2013

New film exposes dog meat trade

A trailer and website for “Shadow Trade” a documentary about the dog meat industry have been released as the movie itself nears completion.


15 August 2013

Pharmacies saying no to bear bile means best birthday yet for Animals Asia

A hundred and fifty Chinese drugstores announced they would no longer be selling bear bile products in a move timed to coincide with Animals Asia’s 15th anniversary.


12 August 2013

Vietnam visitors reminded that bear bile is illegal

Visitors to Vietnam have been given a stark reminder from Animals Asia that “bear bile tourism” will not be tolerated.


01 August 2013

Repairs safeguard sanctuary river bank

Temporary repairs to the riverbank at Animals Asia’s Chengdu sanctuary have been put in place with the aim of securing the site throughout the rest of the current rainy season.


22 July 2013

Chengdu sanctuary secured after supporters’ flood appeal response

Work is set to begin repairing flood damage at Animals Asia’s Chengdu sanctuary in China after a huge response from supporters to an appeal launched just over one week ago.


15 July 2013

Urgent repairs required to Chengdu Sanctuary following heavy rain

Following heavy rain at Animals Asia’s Chengdu sanctuary in China that has caused damage onsite, staff are planning urgent repairs to ensure their safety through the ongoing rainy season. Whilst the rain has currently stopped, the local government authority has issued a notice of expected further severe rainstorms, advising preparation for flooding from now until the 20th July.


10 July 2013

Flooding threatens Chengdu Sanctuary

Animals Asia’s sanctuary in Chengdu, China has suffered flood damage following a sustained period of wet weather in the region.


09 July 2013

Chinese government releases plan for better zoo care

A document released to zoos across China, giving guidelines for the treatment of animals, has been welcomed by Animals Asia.