22 April 2020

Their happily ever after begins now - #ThreeBearsRescue

In March Animals Asia was approached by the Nam Dinh Province Forest Protection Department (FPD) to urgently rescue four moon bears who were discovered on an illegal farm. However a small rise in coronavirus cases in Vietnam led to a country-wide lockdown that delayed our chance to rescue these bears. Tragically, during this time one of the four bears on the farm died of unknown causes while the FPD was processing the case leading us to call upon the local FPD ranger’s station to take the remaining three bears into their custody to ensure their safety.


17 April 2020

Animals Asia’s Animal Welfare Director Dave Neale responds to the Netflix documentary Tiger King.

Netflix documentary Tiger King has caused a big stir online, Animals Asia’s Animal Welfare Director Dave Neale responds to the series.


30 March 2020

One of the original rescued bears from the Chengdu Bear Rescue Centre, Freedom, passes away after 20 years at our sanctuary.

Staff members celebrate the life of one of our best loved bears, Freedom, who overcame early adversity to live a full and joyous life.


28 March 2020

Explorers Against Extinction support Animals Asia’s effort to end bear bile farming in Vietnam for good.

A new partnership between Animals Asia and Explorers Against Extinction will help free bears from lives of captivity and neglect.


27 March 2020

Statement on bear bile usage to treat Covid-19

Animals Asia has learned Tanreqing, which has bear bile as an active ingredient, is being used as a treatment for cases of COVID-19.


26 March 2020

Dog and Cat food gets into Wuhan

Animals Asia supports volunteer groups getting food to companion animals in Covid-19 epicentre Wuhan.


20 March 2020

Covid-19 coronavirus supporter care.

Animals Asia Foundation Founder and CEO Jill Robinson explains how we're adapting during the on-going Covid-19 coronavirus crisis and how you can best support our work.