13 November 2018

Rescued moon bear Precious free of pain after dental surgery

She has her first ever name and now she’s free from pain, but moon bear Precious remains wary of humans after years of abuse.


08 November 2018

Another 171 dogs rescued as Chinese police smash illegal dog meat slaughterhouse

As one lady searched for her lost canine companion, she had no idea she would end up saving nearly 200 stolen dogs from brutal deaths.


07 November 2018

#20thAnniversary: Exclusive interview with the director of Animals Asia documentary, “To the Moon and Back”

Filmmaker Andrew Telling talks about the inspiration behind his insightful documentary “To the Moon and Back”, which tells the story of one woman’s calling to end bear bile farming.


06 November 2018

Animal welfare icon Virginia McKenna OBE adopts rescued moon bear

Actress and wildlife campaigner Virginia McKenna visited Animals Asia’s Vietnam bear sanctuary to support efforts to end bear bile farming.


02 November 2018

Miomojo Cub House: Five ways ethical shopping is making these furry friends the happiest bears in the world

Five rescued sun bears are living new lives at Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre, and ethical shopping is a huge reason why they are so happy.


01 November 2018

#WorldVeganDay: Each of us has the lives and wellbeing of animals in our hands

Confinement, slaughter, isolation, misery… this is the reality for millions of animals, but don’t be overwhelmed, realise we have the power to make change.


31 October 2018

Endangered moon bears celebrate Halloween in style by smashing pumpkins

The nightmare of bear bile farming is over for these rescued bears, now they celebrate Halloween by devouring jack-o-lantern pumpkins.


30 October 2018

Gorgeous rescued bear is safe and now has her first real name: Precious

Rescued after 17 years of isolation and abuse on a bile farm in Vietnam, moon bear Precious is now an individual.