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28 August 2012

Dr Dog at Guangzhou Cat Show

Dr Dogs from Guangzhou joined Guangzhou’s first Cat Show on 4-5 of August in the Baiyun Wanda Plaza. It was actually a party for the cat-lovers with over 200,000 people joining the 2-day event.


24 August 2012

Chinese zoos in dialogue with world-class animal welfare experts

Over 50 directors and senior managers from Chinese zoos engaged in a dialogue with animal welfare experts from around the world with the aim of improving animal management practices and welfare standards.


09 July 2012

China summer camp - Volunteers update animal welfare knowledge

In order to thank our Dr Dog guardians and volunteers for their continued contributions to Animals Asia’s ever-growing Cat and Dog Welfare programmes in China, we recently organised the first “Volunteer Summer Camp” in June 2012.


27 June 2012

Campaign to stop illegal bear bile exports from China to Korea

A public awareness campaign to end the cross-border trade of bear bile from China to South Korea will be launched on Wednesday 27 June 2012 at a ceremony in Seoul, South Korea.


15 June 2012

Vietnam and China bears benefit from Animal Health Trust, UK

Once again we were very fortunate to have the veterinary ophthalmology specialists from the Animal Health Trust (AHT) in the UK visit our moon bear rescue centres in both Vietnam and China.


14 June 2012

Raising awareness – reducing demand: 1,000 doctors in China sign pledge against bear bile

Over a thousand doctors in China have signed a pledge not to prescribe bear bile to their patients. The doctors were attending the 8th Shanghai International Forum of Infection Control (SIFIC) which took place in Shandong province.


23 May 2012

Shape of Enrichment Workshop: China animal managers learn enrichment creation

In April 2012 Animals Asia collaborated with the China Association of Zoological Gardens (CAZG) and “The Shape of Enrichment”to organise a four-day enrichment workshop for 46 animal managers from 25 zoos and safari parks across China. The workshop was held at Zhengzhou Zoo.


14 May 2012

China says NO to bear bile

The cruelty of the bear farming industry was exposed to the Chinese people on an unprecedented scale in February 2012, with the issue dominating headlines for weeks. The reaction from the public was of overwhelming opposition to this barbaric industry.