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15 April 2014

Bear farm to become a sanctuary with 130 bears rescued

BREAKING NEWS: Animal welfare organisation Animals Asia will convert a bear bile farm in Nanning, China, into a sanctuary following an unprecedented request by the farm to rescue and care for its 130 bears.


15 April 2014

Moon bear Monday: Kollo sees the light

Handsome Kollo has been at our Vietnam sanctuary since 2010. At the time he was suffering from cataracts in both his eyes rendering him completely blind, but visiting opthalmologists were able to restore his sight.


12 April 2014

Students commemorate bears on Tomb Sweeping Day

A group of 34 Chinese students commemorated the nation’s traditional Tomb Sweeping Day at Animals Asia’s China Bear Rescue Centre (CBRC) in memory of the sanctuary’s former residents.


09 April 2014

Bear necessities part two: The bear food balancing act

In the second part of our look at bear diets we focus on how caring for food-led animals can mean a tricky balancing act for their keepers.


07 April 2014

Moon Bear Monday: Birgit enjoys the easy life

Summer looks like it’s finally arriving in the north of Vietnam which means the bears in our Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre are about to start using the pool a whole lot more.


03 April 2014

Dog meat crackdown sparks Vietnam debate

The Vietnamese government’s acceptance of proposals to crack down on illegal dog trafficking has sparked public debate played out in the country’s media.


02 April 2014

Bear necessities part one: Ti Map learns to eat healthily

For 14 years Ti Map has eaten little more than rice gruel and family leftovers, but that is about to change.


31 March 2014

Ti Map completes his long journey home

The rescue of Ti Map, the last bile farmed moon bear in Binh Thuan province, south of Vietnam is settling in to Animals Asia’s Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre after his rescue concluded on Friday.