04 June 2020

Tibetan macaque John trains to participate in his own veterinary care at our China Bear Rescue Centre

Training of Tibetan macaque John provides mental stimulation as well as help with veterinary care.


14 May 2020

Bears rescued on International Nurses Day named in honour of famous nurses from history

On Tuesday 12 May our rescue team was called to a bile farm which was part of a restaurant in Vĩnh Yên city just north of Hanoi, Vietnam. We had been informed by the forest protection department that the farmer who had been keeping the two bears thought one was male and one female. We had conflicting reports about how long the bears had been on the farm but we were fairly sure that they had been held captive for at least 15 years.


12 May 2020

BREAKING: Healing Hearts Rescue underway

We've received a call to rescue these two bears who we believe have been held on a bile farm for at least 15 years. Our rescue team set out from our Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre in the early hours of Tuesday morning to Vĩnh Yên city north of Hanoi.


08 May 2020

May is Vet Nurse Awareness Month!

May is Vet Nurse Awareness Month and the Animals Asia Vet teams at the China Bear Rescue Centre (CBRC) and the Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre (VBRC) would like to thank all of our volunteer vet nurses who have dedicated their time, skills and passion to help us over the years!


22 April 2020

Their happily ever after begins now - #ThreeBearsRescue

In March Animals Asia was approached by the Nam Dinh Province Forest Protection Department (FPD) to urgently rescue four moon bears who were discovered on an illegal farm. However a small rise in coronavirus cases in Vietnam led to a country-wide lockdown that delayed our chance to rescue these bears. Tragically, during this time one of the four bears on the farm died of unknown causes while the FPD was processing the case leading us to call upon the local FPD ranger’s station to take the remaining three bears into their custody to ensure their safety.


17 April 2020

Animals Asia’s Animal Welfare Director Dave Neale responds to the Netflix documentary Tiger King.

Netflix documentary Tiger King has caused a big stir online, Animals Asia’s Animal Welfare Director Dave Neale responds to the series.


30 March 2020

One of the original rescued bears from the Chengdu Bear Rescue Centre, Freedom, passes away after 20 years at our sanctuary.

Staff members celebrate the life of one of our best loved bears, Freedom, who overcame early adversity to live a full and joyous life.