20 December 2018

#FiveLives: Joy as rescued moon bears make first-ever friends after years of bile farm abuse

Kept alone in tiny cages for 13 years suffering painful bile extraction, now Star, Mai and Mekong have met each other – and they can’t stop playing.


19 December 2018

In the season of goodwill, let’s extend our compassion to animals

Goodwill is at the heart of Christmas, but many of our traditions cause extreme suffering to animals – thankfully, there is another way.


18 December 2018

Farewell Maggie: Rescued moon bear sleeps forever under the stars after losing battle with sudden illness

Carers heartbroken as bear they’d known since she was a cub succumbs to illness after nearly a decade in sanctuary.


14 December 2018

Rescued sun bear arrives at sanctuary after 15 years of cruelty

Sun bear Aurora was broken out of the cage where she spent her entire life as an exotic pet and brought to Animals Asia’s Vietnam sanctuary.


10 December 2018

BREAKING NEWS: Urgent sun bear rescue underway in southern Vietnam

An Animals Asia rescue team has arrived on the scene in the Tay Ninh province of southern Vietnam to rescue a lone female sun bear.


06 December 2018

Three more Vietnamese provinces bear bile farm-free after rescues

Concerted efforts by government, bear farmers, the public and global charities brings Vietnam closer to a bear bile farm-free future.


04 December 2018

How cheetahs evolved springy spines and ultra-sensitive inner ears to outcompete their competitors

The cheetah’s incredible speed on land is well known, but the astounding story of the evolutionary miracle behind their speed will make you gasp.