27 July 2020

Six bears’ long road to recovery

Thanks to the support of compassionate people all over the world, these six bears are now free to just be bears. You have put kindness in action. These are the stories of the lives you’ve changed forever.


30 June 2020

BREAKING: We’re going back to rescue trapped bear Cotton Blossom

For fourteen years and an extra three months Cotton Blossom has been trapped in a remote location on the Cambodian border. Coronavirus lockdown on the border delayed the rescue, but today we’re going back to get her.


25 June 2020

The world’s cutest moon bear house swap. It’s moon bear moving day.

Pack your bags, it’s moving day. The bears from House Six and House Seven are swapping dens and enclosures. Our team managed to transfer a whopping 34 bears in one morning.


16 June 2020

Chinese zoo ends live animal performances

A zoo in north eastern China ends live animal performances that can be a cause of great stress to the animals involved, following workshops and exhibitions from Animals Asia. Even during these difficult times progress is being made for animal welfare.


13 June 2020

We honour Ruth Harrison OBE a pioneer for the welfare of farmed animals.

On the twentieth anniversary of her death we reflect on the immeasurable impact of Ruth Harrison who exposed some of the worst atrocities committed as part of intensive animal agriculture.


08 June 2020

World Oceans Day Opinion: Exploiting oceans is a fishy business

While Covid-19 has the world focusing on human exploitation of wild land animals, an incomprehensible number of ocean dwelling creatures face an equally appalling fate.