13 August 2020

Heavy rains cause China Bear Rescue Centre to declare a flood emergency

Following heavy rain at Animals Asia’s Chengdu sanctuary in China the team at the rescue centre are in action mode to ensure the safety of the rescued animals and sanctuary staff.


11 August 2020

Dog and cat shelters destroyed by floods in China

Dog and cat shelters battered by flooding, evictions and Covid19 are helped by Animals Asia.


08 August 2020

Together, we are making Moon Bear Day 2020 the biggest and best yet!

Today, Saturday 8 August, Animals Asia and its many supporters across the globe will come together to celebrate #MoonBearDay! Join a host of celebrities and other like-minded people in helping Animals Asia to make real and lasting change for the beautiful moon bear. 


04 August 2020

BREAKING NEWS: Two moon bear cubs rescued in time for Moon Bear Day!

Two moon bear cubs rescued from the illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam steal the show from a galaxy of global celebrities in time for Moon Bear Day.


27 July 2020

Six bears’ long road to recovery

Thanks to the support of compassionate people all over the world, these six bears are now free to just be bears. You have put kindness in action. These are the stories of the lives you’ve changed forever.