11 February 2021

Animals Asia vets encouraged by interest in animal welfare as they speak at national conference in Beijing

Animals Asia staff attended and presented at the annual three-day Small Animal Veterinary Conference in Beijing and noticed a marked increase in the interest in animal welfare amongst veterinary professionals.


10 February 2021

Skink eggs rescued at Animals Asia’s Vietnam Sanctuary

Mystery reptile eggs found in our Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre were rescued, incubated and released.


05 February 2021

Animals Asia rescued 11 bears in 2020 with the kind support of Explorers Against Extinction

Explorers Against Extinction is a campaign organised by the UK charity the Real World Conservation Trust whose aim is to raise awareness of the dangers facing the world’s most iconic species and their habitats while raising funds to protect them.


29 January 2021

Moon bear Uno soaks up the sun for the first time in 18 years

Following his rescue and quarantine, moon bear Uno steps out onto grass for the first time in 18 years and finally feels the sun on his face and fur.


22 January 2021

NEWS: Thousands of illegally trafficked Indonesian songbirds rescued and released

Our partners in Indonesia, FLIGHT: Protecting Indonesia’s Birds, have rescued and released thousands of illegally smuggled song birds in a series of operations conducted with Provincial Forestry Services, local police, the Jakarta Natural Resources Conservation Agency and customs officials.


13 January 2021

A look back at some Wow! facts and stats from across Animals Asia’s work in 2020

Discover some of the most impressive achievements and statistics from Animals Asia’s work in 2020.


19 November 2020

Pioneering Bear Physiotherapy trial outstanding success!

A pilot project to treat bears with mobility issues with special physiotherapy sessions has proved a resounding success and the programme is going to be expanded to help more bears with reduced mobility. Bears Arthur and Milagro were the first beneficiaries of this innovative work and the results have been very encouraging.


18 November 2020

During recent Vietnam floods, Animals Asia came to the rescue of shelter, home to over 100 cats and dogs

Recent floods, predominantly in central Vietnam, have devastated thousands of lives and left many homeless or dead. During this crisis Animals Asia came to the rescue of a shelter which is home to over 100 cats and dogs.