14 June 2022

Animals Asia rescues five bears from bile industry and wildlife trafficking

Animals Asia has rescued three moon bear cubs from an illegal wildlife trafficking operation, and two adult moon bears who have spent years caged on bile farms in Vietnam. All five bears are now safe at our sanctuary and will begin the long process of healing from their traumatic pasts.


10 June 2022

Animals Asia unveils site of new sanctuary, heralding the end of bear bile farming in Vietnam

Celebrities, conservationists, and prominent animal rights activists around the world joined Animals Asia at the location of our new bear sanctuary. This sanctuary, the last of its kind in the country, signals the end of bear bile farming in Vietnam as we rescue the last bears still trapped on farms.


03 June 2022

Moon bear Plum finds sanctuary after 15 years on a bile farm

Animals Asia has rescued a moon bear who we’ve nicknamed ‘Plum’ from a bile farm in Vietnam. Plum spent 15 years in a cage suffering painful bile extraction. They’re now safe at our sanctuary and will receive world-class care for the rest of their life.


02 June 2022

Orphan bear cub ‘Bamboo’ rescued to Animals Asia’s sanctuary

Animals Asia has rescued a moon bear cub who was found in a residential garden after escaping wildlife traffickers. We’ve named this little one, ‘Bamboo’.


27 May 2022

No Bear Left Behind: Animals Asia launches animation that speaks to the human instinct for kindness

Animals Asia has worked with a Vietnamese artist to create a beautiful, globally-relatable animation to highlight the urgent need to rescue the last bears on bile farms in Vietnam.


23 May 2022

No Bear Left Behind: Animals Asia promises to Leave No Bear Behind in biggest challenge to date

From flooding emergencies and threats of eviction to moving 101 bears safely home, Animals Asia has experienced some pretty dramatic challenges. But ending bear bile farming and rescuing every last bear on Vietnam’s bile farms is by far our biggest challenge yet…


21 May 2022

No Bear Left Behind: How ending bear bile farming is key to conserving the Asiatic black bear species in Vietnam

The moon bear is a vulnerable and some argue endangered species. Bear bile farming is cited by the IUCN as one of the main causes for its rapid decline. Animals Asia is ending bear bile farming in Vietnam, reducing the demand for wild bears, and contributing to the conservation of the species.


20 May 2022

No Bear Left Behind: Vietnamese nationals lead race to end bear bile farming

Working alongside communities and authorities has been key to changing attitudes towards animals in Vietnam. As we enter the final stage of our campaign to end bear bile farming, discover just how important this approach will be for long-term and far-reaching change.