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Recent Posts

The politics of CITES

13 April 2010, 00:00AM |

The recent 15th meeting of the 175-nation CITES failed many species, particularly marine, with nearly all related proposals voted down. Broadcaster Al Jazeera sums up the meeting and the situation well.


Gaby's Kalimantan refuge

10 April 2010, 22:12PM |

On Sunday last week, Vet Heather, Vet Nurse Wen, and I visited Indonesia for a few days to work with the lovely Gabriella Fredriksson (or Gaby as everyone knows her) in East Kalimantan.


The old boys on the block

05 April 2010, 22:11PM |

There have been some lovely updates from the vet/bear team recently, since NIC had his remaining eye removed because he’d been going progressively blind.


Our special visitors in Chengdu

02 April 2010, 11:46AM |

Another exciting week with the bears in Chengdu, with a visit by long-standing friend and ally Harriet Tung and her husband, Tung Chee Chen (CC), who is the brother of Hong Kong’s first Chief Executive, Tung Chee Hwa.


Double ‘double happiness’

28 March 2010, 21:26PM |

We recently received a letter from Christine Yan Qing, who was so very special to us all during her years with Animals Asia at our China sanctuary. Christine even (very generously and very patiently) began Chinese lessons for the Westerners in her spare time!


Ricky Gervais calls in for the bears!

24 March 2010, 17:25PM |

UK comedian and actor Ricky Gervais has come up trumps for the bears and, just this week, won Britain's popular Absolute Radio competition “Who’s calling Christian?” beating UK opposition leader David Cameron and veteran radio and TV broadcaster and comedian Sir Terry Wogan in the process.


Dog days in Hong Kong

22 March 2010, 01:56AM |

This past month has been one for the dogs in Hong Kong! Just a few weeks ago we held our annual Walk for Harmony, with nearly 100 volunteers, supporters and their dogs turning up in the heat to walk a route in Hong Kong – showing off our four-legged best friends as a species so deserving of being humankind’s friends, not food or fur.


Inspiring us with words and love

18 March 2010, 16:32PM |

Love and thanks from the heart from the bears, dogs, cats and people who have had the utmost privilege to know and work with Annie Ditton, our amazing volunteer who gave up six months of her life to live and work on site with us in Chengdu.


Dat man got ah big heart

10 March 2010, 12:25PM |

“Danny has hobbies: being stroked, car watching and smelling feet”. And so goes a verse in the poem “A Day in the Life of Danny the Cat” by celebrity poet Benjamin Zephaniah who came to see us on site in Chengdu this week.


Year of Tiger shame

05 March 2010, 23:20PM |

As we celebrate the year of the Tiger, it’s ironic to see such hideous treatment of this endangered New Year icon in China’s safari parks and zoos.