03 March 2015

FIVE things you NEED to know about fur

As this year’s Hong Kong fur fair draws to a close, we bring you all you need to know about the fur industry in the 21st century.


02 March 2015

#Moonbearmonday: 10 photos that show bears are awful footballers

Football fever may have subsided since last summer’s World Cup in Brazil, but it seems somebody forgot to tell the bears at our Vietnam sanctuary.


27 February 2015

How TNR can beat cruel cat culls in China

Animals Asia’s Cat and Dog Welfare Director for China, Irene Feng explains why Trap, Neuter, Release is the country’s best chance to humanely control stray cat populations.


26 February 2015

Visiting professors get pats and plaudits at Hong Kong uni

Visiting professors wowed students at Hong Kong’s City University recently, having barked orders, waited patiently for treats and then enjoyed a tummy rub.


25 February 2015

One life: why animals require legal personhood

The world may be familiar with the term ‘animal rights’ but the truth is animals have no rights. Animals Asia’s Animal Welfare Director, Dave Neale, explains why current efforts to recognise animals’ legal rights through personhood is so important to their welfare.


24 February 2015

Let us give these unloved bears a beautiful life

Animals Asia founder and CEO, Jill Robinson MBE, explains the present situation in Halong Bay with an article in the Huffington Post.


23 February 2015

#Moonbearmonday: moon bear peekaboo!

It’s well known that the moon bears at our sanctuaries love playing with each other and can be very sociable. But sometimes their play behaviours can be so human-like that it takes us aback.


18 February 2015

Hanoi dog owners celebrate at first Dog Day

As Animals Asia and ACPA continue to battle the dog meat industry in Vietnam it’s worth remembering that while the popularity of eating dog is waning – the popularity of dogs as companions has never been higher.