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Recent Blog Posts

A new moon brings new hope for 2014

2014年01月03日, 00:00上午 |

This New Year's Day sees a new moon in Capricorn. Not for 19 years has this occurred on such an auspicious day and, according to astrologers, it's the perfect time to nurture our dreams.


Supporters' chance to bid for a teddy

2013年12月27日, 06:42上午 |

We all love cuddly teddies, especially the UK's Marsha Davison of Abracadabra Teddy Bears, who has been raising funds for our bears since 2003 and is once again holding her popular end-of-year teddy auction for supporters around the world.


Shenzhen students standing up for cats and dogs

2013年12月19日, 17:00下午 |

Some fabulous middle school students in Shenzhen, southern China, are running their own campaign to bring the message to their community that dogs and cats are our friends, not food.


Christmas treats for all at our bear sanctuaries!

2013年12月15日, 14:35下午 |

The past few days have seen lots of Christmas activity and merriment at our bear sanctuaries in China and Vietnam. With every bear enjoying their annual treat of a sweet and sticky mince pie, together with fancy wrapped boxes full of nuts, seeds and fruit.


Special visitors for the bears

2013年12月10日, 11:34上午 |

I've just shared some incredible experiences with some very special supporters we've had on site at our Chengdu bear sanctuary – including being "totally blind" for 70 minutes at an amazing facility for the blind.


Budding Beckhams take on animal cruelty

2013年12月08日, 15:38下午 |

Thanks to the generosity of Hong Kong supporter Mike Horne, last weekend the students of International College Hong Kong (ICHK) were decked out in their new Animals Asia football kit and wearing our name with pride!


Yang Li gets both bears’ and people’s vote

2013年12月02日, 05:30上午 |

Just recently, one of our Bear Team leaders, Yang Li, was trailed on site by a local reporter who was writing stories about special people in Chengdu. The newspaper then asked readers to vote for the most deserving person.


Eddie in demand!

2013年12月01日, 09:59上午 |

Eddie didn't stand still for long after his starring role at the Professor Paws celebrations in Guangzhou.


Professors bring furry fun to Shenzhen

2013年11月28日, 12:41下午 |

I always love our Fun Days in China – and this was no exception with our Cat and Dog Welfare team rolling out the red carpet for Professor Paws Fun Day in Shenzhen!


Sending our thoughts and prayers to the Philippines

2013年11月13日, 18:20下午 |

Sending strength and condolences to the Philippines.