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Recent Blog Posts

Getting to know our new arrivals

2008年04月13日, 01:37上午 |

It’s now two weeks since our 28 bears escaped their hellish existence on a farm. Sadly, for 11 of those bears, escape meant a premature death and no chance to experience the freedom and love that we so much wanted to give them.


"Watermelon" learns to stand

2008年04月11日, 05:27上午 |

After my last depressing post, at least I can bring you some encouraging news about our brave “Watermelon”. Gradually over the past few days this handsome fellow has taught himself to stand!


Death toll now at 11

2008年04月10日, 21:17下午 |

Eleven of the 28 bears are now dead – every one of them a victim of the free-drip method of bile extraction, touted as humane by the farmers (and some officials), every one of them suffering indescribable pain for so, so long.


Beijing official to visit bears

2008年04月07日, 21:43下午 |

This has been a busy weekend away from the China sanctuary for our General Manager (and chief government negotiator) Toby, and me. We flew to Beijing to meet urgently with our central government partners, the China Wildlife Conservation Association (CWCA), a department directly under the State Forestry Administration.


When all hope seems lost...

2008年04月05日, 10:27上午 |

The health checks continue and our fears mount that we may have to say goodbye to even more of the 28 bears that came home to us on Monday night. It's difficult to put into words how we're all feeling, but I guess I don't have to. I'm sure you already know.


Spring flowers and heavy hearts

2008年04月04日, 20:56下午 |

Today we buried three more bears – Qiang Sheng (Strong Life), Le Le (Happy) and Chengdu Truth.


Some much-needed Jasper therapy

2008年04月04日, 07:06上午 |

Thursday started with another post-mortem of the bear we had so hoped would survive. Named Qiang Sheng (strong life) by Madam Xiong Beirong, head of the Wildlife Protection Department of Sichuan Forestry (pictured here at Qiang Sheng's initial health check), this beautiful bear’s auspicious name, tragically, wasn’t enough to get him through.


The truth of bear farming

2008年04月03日, 08:56上午 |

Hours later, we were health-checking Lotus, whom we’d also called “Chengdu Truth” in Chinese. There are no words to describe our boiling rage at witnessing this skeleton sitting in a cage with a body so wasted that he couldn’t even lift his head.


"Kiki" - a wasted life

2008年04月03日, 06:27上午 |

This is more than we can stand....two more bears have succumbed to liver cancer – leaving our team to pick up the pieces and end the lives of animals who deserved so much more. Many walls have been kicked in frustration since the bears arrived late on Monday night. It is only Wednesday and already four bears are lying in grassy mounds by the river, finally at peace.


See the rescue footage

2008年04月03日, 02:45上午 |

Our clever techies in the Hong Kong office have been busy today uploading some footage of the rescue.