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Recent Blog Posts

Watermelon’s surgery a success

2008年06月05日, 18:30下午 |

Watermelon’s turn on the surgery table today. This sweet and rather dopey bear has broken and won everyone’s heart from when he first arrived. Although his mobility has improved, it’s pretty certain now that he is blind - but my, it has to be said, he is a truly magnificent boy.


Surgery over for Haribo

2008年06月04日, 00:00上午 |

It’s always a nail-biting time to see one of our new bears laid out on the surgery table. Our vet team busily buzz around preparing for surgery and re-checking on problems picked up on during the previous emergency health-check from when the bears first arrived at the end of March.


Three more safe from Vietnam bile trade

2008年06月02日, 02:16上午 |

Some really good news at last! Three new utterly beautiful bears have arrived at our Vietnam sanctuary thanks to the prompt action of the Vietnamese authorities. This brings to 12 the total number of bears taken in to our new sanctuary.


Meet little 'Pi'

2008年05月30日, 16:49下午 |

As promised, a photo of little Pi, who we plucked from the River Pi that runs through our Moon Bear Rescue Centre in Chengdu. Here he is with Eric and the security team that saved him.


New bears settling in

2008年05月29日, 19:47下午 |

As the earthquake outreach goes on I know that many people are wondering about the health of our new bears. Naturally we’ve had to postpone all but the most urgent of surgeries as our vet team really don’t want a sleeping bear on the table as another aftershock hits. (The latest on Monday afternoon literally rocked the chairs during our meeting.)


More family dogs saved

2008年05月29日, 01:17上午 |

Wednesday and we’d earlier received seven more calls on the hotline and then found ourselves standing in the middle of another 22 dogs surrendered in Dujiangyiang.


‘These animals are my life’

2008年05月28日, 01:27上午 |

At 2pm on Monday we arrived again at our temporary registration and collection station in Dujiangyiang and found a queue already forming. It was reassuring to know that our hotline was doing its job and this, together with a local TV programme, which went out the night before, was alerting local pet owners that help was at hand for their dogs and cats.


Saving dogs from kill order

2008年05月26日, 02:03上午 |

Driving in to Dujiangyiang yesterday morning, we passed so many people leaving their now-destroyed homes. Trucks, trikes and even bicycles loaded up with meagre belongings and heading for places far away, to build anew.


And “Pi” makes three

2008年05月25日, 13:03下午 |

It's Sunday morning and we are just about to head off on our latest trip to Dujiangyiang to help the dogs in the area, but first let me tell you about “Pi” the puppy, the newest member of our family. This little mite was rescued from the River Pi (pronounced Pea) yesterday by our lovely security staff who heard him yelping, then saw him struggling into the reeds by the water.


Taking action on dogs

2008年05月24日, 05:14上午 |

Good news. Christie has finally secured official authorisation today for us to go into Dujiangyiang, collect dogs and cats that need help and place a notice on the government bulletin boards and surrounding areas alerting the public that we can help with companion animals wherever required.