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Recent Blog Posts

Thank you!

2008年06月13日, 18:42下午 |

I’ve just arrived in Swindon, England with Christie Yang, our China Relations Director, and we’re starting our UK Roadshow here tonight. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be giving back-to-back presentations to update our wonderful British supporters on the latest China bear rescue and earthquake relief efforts – so I hope you understand if I don’t have much time for blogging.


RIP little "Plug"

2008年06月12日, 21:25下午 |

I’m so sorry to bring you the news that another of our latest batch of rescued bears has died – one more bear that just couldn’t rise above the torture and succumbed. Since he arrived, Plug has featured in almost every vet report as being a worrisome bear and the team has been battling so hard to bring him through. We always felt that even though the remaining bears of the original 28 were getting better, they were by no means out of the woods yet.


Visit to bear farms

2008年06月10日, 13:10下午 |

The plight of the bears on the farms remains unclear, though our General Manager/Government Liaison Toby Zhang has tried every effort to obtain information. We have also offered help through the Sichuan Forestry. The officials were grateful, but insisted that the farms are under control now, and didn’t need our help. Taking matters into his own hands this past weekend, Toby paid an unofficial visit to two farms in Dujiangyan.


Watermelon’s surgery a success

2008年06月05日, 18:30下午 |

Watermelon’s turn on the surgery table today. This sweet and rather dopey bear has broken and won everyone’s heart from when he first arrived. Although his mobility has improved, it’s pretty certain now that he is blind - but my, it has to be said, he is a truly magnificent boy.


Surgery over for Haribo

2008年06月04日, 00:00上午 |

It’s always a nail-biting time to see one of our new bears laid out on the surgery table. Our vet team busily buzz around preparing for surgery and re-checking on problems picked up on during the previous emergency health-check from when the bears first arrived at the end of March.


Three more safe from Vietnam bile trade

2008年06月02日, 02:16上午 |

Some really good news at last! Three new utterly beautiful bears have arrived at our Vietnam sanctuary thanks to the prompt action of the Vietnamese authorities. This brings to 12 the total number of bears taken in to our new sanctuary.


Meet little 'Pi'

2008年05月30日, 16:49下午 |

As promised, a photo of little Pi, who we plucked from the River Pi that runs through our Moon Bear Rescue Centre in Chengdu. Here he is with Eric and the security team that saved him.


New bears settling in

2008年05月29日, 19:47下午 |

As the earthquake outreach goes on I know that many people are wondering about the health of our new bears. Naturally we’ve had to postpone all but the most urgent of surgeries as our vet team really don’t want a sleeping bear on the table as another aftershock hits. (The latest on Monday afternoon literally rocked the chairs during our meeting.)


More family dogs saved

2008年05月29日, 01:17上午 |

Wednesday and we’d earlier received seven more calls on the hotline and then found ourselves standing in the middle of another 22 dogs surrendered in Dujiangyiang.


‘These animals are my life’

2008年05月28日, 01:27上午 |

At 2pm on Monday we arrived again at our temporary registration and collection station in Dujiangyiang and found a queue already forming. It was reassuring to know that our hotline was doing its job and this, together with a local TV programme, which went out the night before, was alerting local pet owners that help was at hand for their dogs and cats.


Jill's Bio

Jill Robinson MBE

Jill 帶領 Animals Asia 由超過 300 名充滿熱誠的員工組成的團隊。她旅居於中國內地、越南和香港三地,並經常在世界各地的會議上進行簡報和在籌款活動上演講。凡事親歷親為的她,總是參與到每個重大決定之中。她在拯救和健康檢查階段與獸醫和熊隻團隊密切合作,並為建造項目出謀劃策。為記錄虐待動物的惡行,她踏遍全國的貓狗貿易市場、動物園及野生動物公園。她帶著從中國貓狗肉類市場救出的動物治療寵物狗…