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Recent Blog Posts

Winter is here

2008年12月15日, 01:17上午 |

You know winter has arrived in Chengdu when Caesar starts to dig – and yesterday she dug for China.


All clear for Rhodri

2008年12月13日, 18:41下午 |

We had a very special patient on our surgery table the other week when ophthalmologist Claudia Hartley came to visit. Apart from looking at the eyes of 17 of our moon bears with sight problems, Claudia also checked out Rhodri our resident leopard cat.


Harriet Tung speaks out to Chinese media

2008年12月07日, 18:56下午 |

There she was – Harriet Tung (wife of shipping magnate Tung Chee Chen and sister-in-law of Hong Kong’s first Chief Executive, Tung Chee Hwa) standing in front of our gorgeous Andrew statue in Chengdu last week and talking to the Chinese media about the travesty of bear farming.


Thank you Else and friends!

2008年12月04日, 13:03下午 |

We had some wonderful visitors on site the other week - many of them "bear" people and all of them passionate about wildlife. The dream of the visit was sparked in 2007 when I was invited to make the keynote speech at the annual BIERZS (Bear Information Exchange for Rehabilitators, Zoos and Sanctuaries) conference in the USA.


For the love of the bears that made it through

2008年12月01日, 01:10上午 |

Everyone by now knows that I don't have favourites. Much. How can you help it? There are some bears that have simply defied all the odds; they may not be the most handsome creatures on the block, but something goes pop in your heart and you’re smitten.


Welcome to an exciting new world

2008年11月28日, 16:22下午 |

It's so good to be back in Chengdu, but boy did I miss something special last week. While I was with the Professor Paws team in Guangzhou, life at the sanctuary was no less crazy for the team here.


Professor Paws launches in mainland China!

2008年11月25日, 05:16上午 |

It’s nice to stop for a breath to write the blog as these past few days have been crazy beyond all belief. Last week saw our launch of Professor Paws in Guangzhou - the dog and cat eating capital of China(!) - where about 90 nine year olds enjoyed a unique way of learning at the paws of our newly recruited canine teachers.


A visit from Marc Bekoff

2008年11月12日, 21:10下午 |

Recently we had a very special visitor at our China sanctuary – world-renowned US animal behaviourist Dr Marc Bekoff. Marc was in China to promote his books, which have recently been translated into Chinese. This was his second visit to our rescue centre and it was such a pleasure to have him back on site.


Some good news from Chengdu!

2008年11月03日, 12:51下午 |

Our rescue centre General Manager, Toby Zhang, and I had a very successful meeting with the head of the Wildlife Protection Department under the Sichuan Forestry, Madam Xiong Beirong on Wednesday, 29 October.


Thank you Harriet!

2008年10月28日, 01:35上午 |

In what is a very exciting development, Harriet Tung, the wife of shipping magnate Tung Chee Chen and sister-in-law of Hong Kong's first Chief Executive, Tung Chee Hwa is speaking out on behalf of the bears.

Harriet has been following the Moon Bear Rescue for quite some time and now she has offered to use her knowledge and contacts to further our campaign to end bear bile farming. Please click here for the full story.