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Recent Blog Posts

Good tidings they bring....

2009年01月18日, 12:27下午 |

Stories like this are food for the soul. These photos in the Hong Kong Chinese-language media almost need no words as our Dr Dog ambassadors proudly show the community how healing and beneficial companion animals are for us all.


Sad reality of dog meat trade

2009年01月12日, 21:43下午 |

This wasn’t the way it was meant to turn out – well not if you believe in fairy stories. The 149 rescued dogs would settle down in their new rescue centre, contented and safe, and would all live happily ever after.


Xin rocks!

2009年01月11日, 22:31下午 |

Just a year ago, we had a very special guest on site - a Taiwanese rock star by the name of Xin. A vegetarian and animal lover, he must have fallen in love with the bears as he promised to compose a new song for them before he returned.


Science supports alternatives to bear bile

2009年01月07日, 10:13上午 |

So many positive developments just now in relation to dogs, cats and bears, that it's hard to know where to start.


New Year dog rescue – Part II

2009年01月06日, 19:23下午 |

On the morning of New Year's Day, we arrived back at the rescue centre ready to start health checking, vaccinating and de-worming the dogs. We knew that many of them wouldn't let us even get near, but if we could just reach a few and try to reduce the risk of disease it would at least be a start.


New Year dog rescue – Part I

2009年01月05日, 00:44上午 |

The last thing we expected to be doing on New Year's Eve was following a truck full of caged dogs destined for the notoriously cruel meat markets of southern China. Little did I realise when writing about Rainbow and the team's dog demonstrations in Chengdu over Christmas that we would later be involved in the rescue of the very same species destined for the food tables of Guangzhou.


Chengdu Anti-dog-eating Campaign

2008年12月31日, 09:10上午 |

Here's a lovely story to end the year from our own Rainbow Zhu, who organised a fantastic event in Chengdu to promote dogs as our friends, not food. Happy New Year to you all!


Panto perfection!

2008年12月27日, 04:26上午 |

Everybody loves a panto at Christmas and we were no different as nearly 300 of us sat in the audience at the Bloomsbury Theatre in London cheering and jeering when the goodies and baddies did their best and worst.


Snoopy's Christmas Kiss

2008年12月24日, 03:01上午 |

This masterplan began by researching Snoopy’s favourite treats – acknowledging that attempts last December to woo her with peanut butter amounted to failure of a spectacular kind.


Merry Christmas – Part II

2008年12月23日, 00:20上午 |

With the bears having enjoyed some holiday cheer, this second blog is to pay tribute to the people who care for them, and to our staff in the offices in China, Vietnam and HQ in Hong Kong, and to our country staff in the US, UK, Germany, and Australia.