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Recent Blog Posts

Art for the bears

2016年05月04日, 11:19上午 |

Vietnamese primary students embrace art challenge for the bears.


Visionary Eco-farming in China

2016年03月10日, 11:28上午 |

An inspiring tale of unique farm life in China.


When you wish upon a tree...

2016年02月15日, 12:07下午 |

Celebrating the Lunar New Year in Hong Kong.


Who are you?

2016年01月05日, 18:27下午 |

Mystery gifts for our sleeping bears.


The Year of You!

2015年12月31日, 09:10上午 |

You made all the difference in 2015 – with you we are ready for the challenges and successes in 2016.


Christmas in Vietnam

2015年12月18日, 20:52下午 |

Christmas comes to the bears at our Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre, with a real tree and gifts galore!


Christmas in Nanning

2015年12月18日, 20:52下午 |

The patient bears in Nanning don't miss out on the festive spirit with mince pies treats for all.


Christmas time for bears - Chengdu

2015年12月18日, 20:52下午 |

Jingle Bears, Jingle Bears, jingle all the way...! The holiday season is upon us, and our bears in China and Vietnam couldn't be more pleased. Just like excited children at this time of the year, they know that special gifts are on the way, and that their tums will soon be full of Christmas treats.


Quang Ninh celebrates with press conference

2015年12月13日, 15:16下午 |

After the last bear was rescued, we closed this chapter in Quang Ninh province with an invitation from government officials to celebrate the end of bear bile farming in their region.


Tuffy - the pup who never gave up

2015年12月01日, 13:01下午 |

Skin burnt and scalded with boiling water, flung from a fourth floor balcony - this tiny puppy's chances of survival were slim.


Jill's Bio

Jill Robinson MBE

Jill 帶領 Animals Asia 由超過 300 名充滿熱誠的員工組成的團隊。她旅居於中國內地、越南和香港三地,並經常在世界各地的會議上進行簡報和在籌款活動上演講。凡事親歷親為的她,總是參與到每個重大決定之中。她在拯救和健康檢查階段與獸醫和熊隻團隊密切合作,並為建造項目出謀劃策。為記錄虐待動物的惡行,她踏遍全國的貓狗貿易市場、動物園及野生動物公園。她帶著從中國貓狗肉類市場救出的動物治療寵物狗…