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Recent Blog Posts

Thank you Australia and New Zealand

2010年07月22日, 22:12下午 |

The Roadshow this year was all about returning to see old friends and meeting new supporters and couldn't have been more warm and embracing throughout.


Long wait over for five Vietnam bears

2010年07月04日, 04:55上午 |

I’m really looking forward to starting our Roadshow in Australia later this week, seeing old friends, meeting new supporters and catching everyone up with the news. Despite my excitement, there has been one small downside to the explosion of good news – knowing that I was going back to let everyone know that we still hadn’t secured the release of any of the 24 bears held illegally on farms in Vietnam.


Young Chinese rejecting dog meat

2010年07月03日, 18:22下午 |

A piece of good news coming out of Guangdong recently shows that trends are changing in China regarding the consumption of dogs. Thanks in no small part to our fabulous Dr Dog and Professor Paws teams in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, a new generation is recognising dogs (and cats) as friends, not food. See the story here.



Goodbye sweet, sweet Roops

2010年06月25日, 20:50下午 |

Anyone who has ever met Rupert has a favourite story about him to share – and they came in thick and fast throughout last night and today, after an email went out to let our team know that it was now time for us all to say goodbye. Such is the love for a bear that soaked it all in, and adored being adored for the past 10 years.


Adieu to Rainbow

2010年06月22日, 03:53上午 |

Rainbow has also joined us in the truly awful dog and cat markets, bravely capturing the all-important evidence we need to expose this dreadful industry, and keeping at bay traders who become progressively more aggressive as they realise why we are there. The Christmas before last, he led his team along a famous street of dog restaurants with our Dr Dogs wearing signs around their necks proudly announcing: "We are your friends. Don’t eat us” and convincing potential customers of the restaurants to sign a pledge promising never to eat dog meat again.


Ping Guo survives marathon surgery

2010年06月20日, 22:15下午 |

This was a message I recently sent to guests who’d been on site and watched Ping Guo (meaning "Apple") having her gall bladder removed on the surgery table during the morning. Twelve hours later she was still there. I hope the bear farming industry is proud. This poor bear will also have to return to the surgery soon to have shattered canine teeth removed.


Our new tiny family in Vietnam

2010年06月17日, 23:21下午 |

Their eyes bulged with fear as the door of the four-wheel drive opened to expose our new family to the world. Tiny little scraps of moon bears, some 4-5kgs in weight and estimated to be just three-to-four months old.


Dental surgery for obese Nicole

2010年06月15日, 21:22下午 |

Nearly five months after her rescue in Vietnam, Nicole's vast bottom seems to take centre stage on the operating table this week. Lying here having a dental from vet Kirsty and vet nurse Caroline, it seems hard to believe that she's already lost a whopping great 30 kilograms since arriving with us on January 21st.


Hope of Freedom

2010年06月10日, 10:08上午 |

There wouldn’t be too many times that an elephant and a bear come into close proximity, but it’s happened in the UK, with Animals Asia benefiting very well indeed from this unique partnership.


‘Benetton bears’ bring bear farming to Italy

2010年06月04日, 17:14下午 |

This has been our week of art, as we celebrated some amazing events around the world that are benefiting the bears and our other programmes across Asia.