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Recent Blog Posts

Wedding belles and blessings for the bears

2010年10月12日, 14:03下午 |

True kindness shines when we hear about a selfless gesture by some friends of one of our ex-vet nurses Hayley, who were married in August of this year and asked that guests donate funds to the bears in lieu of wedding presents. Hayley (also looking gorgeous on the right in the photo) has written a little update about Gail and Tony’s special day – and it only leaves me to send a massive bear-sized thank you and hug from all in the team of Animals Asia to you both for being so incredibly kind to animals suffering so many miles away and to wish you both lifelong happiness and joy.


China's very own 'Just William'

2010年10月07日, 13:23下午 |

I'm currently in the middle of our UK Roadshow, so here's a post for our lovely UK supporters:


The stories that make us smile

2010年10月03日, 12:08下午 |

Every week, our vet and bear teams from both China and Vietnam send over reports of all the goings-on on site. Bears that are skittish in the spring, and enjoying the warm summer days, then eating more or sliding into winter dormancy and snoozing for days or even weeks in their dens.


Welcoming old friends and new

2010年09月23日, 23:32下午 |

It was good to see many old friends from Germany again and to meet such lovely new friends too. Faces glowing and so excited to catch up with all the development in China as they waited to greet Jasper and friends in house 2, and to be introduced to Oliver who was recently released into his new den and enclosure in House 10.


Tales from our intrepid Tim

2010年09月20日, 05:07上午 |

Tim Robinson, our PR manager for Australia and New Zealand, and 18 wonderful supporters from Australia, the UK and Hong Kong have just set off on Animals Asia's China Trek 2010. Click here to read Tim's fantastic blog on their adventures.


Joining hands for our best friends

2010年09月13日, 12:50下午 |

We recently had an amazing couple of days with officials from 27 provinces across China joining local and international NGOs in a conference organised, funded and hosted by Animals Asia and Humane Society International in Nanjing.


Jane Goodall creating reason for hope

2010年09月07日, 21:37下午 |

The silence following Dr Jane Goodall’s speech was deafening – and then came the rapturous applause. Her words were greeted with warmth and passion by the audience who were in Hong Kong for Jane’s Roots and Shoots conference and who themselves, as per the title of the conference, were the Reason for Hope.


Maggie wins first prize at our latest tree party

2010年09月05日, 08:19上午 |

Swaying up there on a tree that no one thought she could climb, there was naughty Maggie who arrived at our Vietnam sanctuary in April 2009 weighing less than 3kgs and now topping the scales at 83kgs!


It's rainin' bears

2010年08月29日, 23:39下午 |

Well, as Jude, our Australia Donor Development and Administration Manager said this week, “It’s rainin’ bears!”. And it is.


Dyeing dogs ..... to death

2010年08月28日, 22:35下午 |

I looked with disbelief at a story that has recently appeared in the media here in China - dogs being dyed to resemble wild and exotic animals.