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Recent Blog Posts

Interesting news from China’s stock markets

2011年02月15日, 11:42上午 |

It began with a journalist in Yunnan Province who was so incensed to see that a bear farm was applying to be listed on a stock exchange that he began posting messages on Sina Weibo (the Chinese version of Twitter) — and it all went from there.


A big bear's heart!

2011年02月11日, 01:17上午 |

To friends and supporters – a smile for Valentine’s Day in the form of our black/brown hybrid bear – gorgeous Emma.


A New Year, and a new life for a very lucky dog

2011年02月01日, 02:31上午 |

It’s always the eyes — and those belonging to this little guy just stared and stared hypnotically into ours, begging to be released from the cage and taken far, far away from this terrible place.


The Cove still runs red

2011年01月23日, 21:47下午 |

Taiji dolphin slaughter 2011: The carnage continues and on 18th January we received a message regarding Leah Lemieux and a team of Japanese activists who filmed the slaughter of over 40 beautiful striped dolphins in Taiji that day. Although those killing the dolphins had erected tarpaulin around the area in an attempt to cover up their carnage, the tarp slipped at one point, allowing Leah to film.


More on our very spoiled family in Chengdu!

2011年01月22日, 03:43上午 |

Just this week we've seen the snow coming down in Chengdu - and what is it that the bears enjoy outside in their enclosures as they brave the elements? None other than ice lollies!


Love is blind!

2011年01月21日, 03:01上午 |

Our gorgeous blind bear Mityan is sponsored by Bev Hellyer and our support group in Queensland, Australia, where they are now suffering themselves in the floods hitting their region. In a bid to help Bev and our friends there smile I had wandered over to House 8 to grab a picture of their bear and came across the most beautiful scene of Mityan gently playing with Wilfred, also blind, in the grass.


Worth the five-star treatment

2011年01月18日, 21:42下午 |

I sometimes wonder if we spoil these bears a little too much. A description by China bear manager James in last week's report made me stop ..... and laugh out loud. John, our resident macaque, is clearly enjoying his dining experience in this pic snapped by fellow bear manager Charlie.


Sealed: another cruel deal

2011年01月18日, 20:39下午 |

This week, HSI (Humane Society International) put out a press release after rallying the support of over 40 groups in China, which we have also joined in deploring the import of seal meat into China. This release follows a trip to Beijing by Canadian Fisheries Minister Gail Shea, who signed a cooperative arrangement with Chinese officials that she said would give Canada’s sealing industry access to the world’s largest consumer market.


We're thinking of you, Queenslanders

2011年01月11日, 20:53下午 |

To all of those across Queensland, Australia affected by the devastating floods, our hearts go out to you at this terrible time. We pray that the floods recede soon so that those affected can begin to rebuild their homes and lives. Our thanks to the rescue services, as they put themselves on the front line to help so many people in crisis.


Welcome our new cublet in Tam Dao!

2011年01月09日, 18:43下午 |

With certainly the record for the longest nickname ever given to a newly rescued bear, please welcome "Han Chau - a Cold Lai Chau" to the Animals Asia family in Vietnam.