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Recent Blog Posts

We're loving 'Love Moon Bears Week'

2013年05月19日, 19:51下午 |

Since writing a blog on this in March, nothing can describe the atmosphere of the kids and staff who are 101% on side.


Sepp has a dream for the bears....

2013年05月17日, 01:56上午 |

Josef (Sepp) Haüsl is a talented, passionate and incredibly generous photographer who, together with his partner Monika, has visited our sanctuaries in China and Vietnam capturing the most stunning images of our bears.


Celebrating Earth Day China

2013年05月15日, 18:33下午 |

In amongst the chaos of the bear rescue in China, our Education team were also busy in Chengdu town celebrating Earth Day by spreading the word of bear farming and bringing in new young supporters of our work. Cooperating with the biggest Book Mall in Chengdu, Education Officer Jacky and team set up a display of children's drawings showing the grim reality of bile farming- and even "moved" our education room from the sanctuary to show the audience Caesar's full metal jacket, and Franzi's tiny crush cage.


Young artists show they care

2013年05月14日, 23:29下午 |

Meanwhile in Hong Kong, Jasmine reports that a fantastic exhibition of art against bear bile farming is displayed in the subway station (MTR) at Sheung Wan.


1,130 more doctors reject bear bile

2013年05月12日, 10:25上午 |

A short but exciting blog following our China team's recent visit to a large and influential medical conference in Shanghai.


Aid to quake dogs and cats

2013年04月28日, 00:31上午 |

It’s just over a week since another devastating earthquake hit the province of Sichuan. Less than 100 miles away in Chengdu, our sanctuary rooms shook and it was inconceivable to think that villages around Ya'an at the epicentre were being devastated for the second time in under five years.


I pray that you have die

2013年04月17日, 01:01上午 |

That dark, dirty room, stinking of faeces and infection, and you all peering grimly into the gloom from your "coffin" cages. I remember my chest tightening with fear coming so close to such large and intimidating bears, but then recoiling in horror, a lightning bolt of shock to my heart, witnessing animals so clearly in pain.


Love Moon Bears Week begins

2013年03月27日, 06:54上午 |

These past few weeks have been beyond crazy with back-to-back presentations and events in the UK and USA. There’s also been a lot happening with regard to the amazing progress of our newly rescued bears.


Are you a poet and didn't know it?

2013年03月18日, 05:58上午 |

Our UK team has been keeping warm over the chilly winter months by organising some fabulous events for 2013. Let me hand over to Fiona in our UK office to fill you in on on what's coming up.


I am delighted to pass over my Blog today to Christa, our Germany Director – and my endless thanks to Denise in Luxembourg for her years of passion and help for the bears. She, like so many friends across the globe, has been moved by the story of our recent rescue in China and has inspired the students of the Robert Schumann School in Luxembourg to rally behind the bears. They have done an amazing job as you can read from Christa here